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Andrew Frankel Bio, Wife – Bridget Moynahan and Other Cool Facts

Andrew Frankel Bio, Wife – Bridget Moynahan and Other Cool Facts
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Andrew Frankel is a dashing, smart, and savvy business tycoon who came into the limelight when he became entangled and then married Bridget Moynahan, a popular American actress. Andrew Frankel earned his fortune through investment and stock management and ran the brokerage firm founded by his father Stuart Frankel in 1973. He has been at the helm of the company for the past twenty years. Join us as we learn more about this businessman par excellence.

Andrew Frankel Biography

Andrew was born on August 20, 1974. His parents Stuart and Sharyn Frankel raised him in Philadelphia. Andrew grew up looking after his father and was prepared to take his place in the Stuart Frankel & Co. company. Inc., which his father had founded in 1973.

After graduating from high school, Andrew joined his father’s company as Co-President. He worked in various units/departments where he learned all about how to run a business. When Andrew was about 16 years old, before working in his father’s company, he teamed up with Robert A. Harris (his cousin) to lead the production of the comic strip Alien Space Avenger.

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In an effort to gain as much business knowledge as possible, he decided to study economics at university. In 1994, Andrew graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree.

During and after his time at the university, Andrew worked in various organizations, putting into practice what he learned in his father’s company and preparing to follow in his father’s footsteps.

He worked at UTV 13 News Digest as a writer, newscaster, editor, presenter, sound, and cameraman. He also worked at the Demaine Vickers advertising agency as an assistant. Andrew also worked for Kenner Toy Company, where he was instrumental in the growth of the company. Because of this achievement, he was invited to join the Hasbro Toy Group.

Andrew Frankel was married twice. With his first wife he has 3 children (boys) and with Bridget Moynahan, his second wife, he has none yet.

Wife (Bridget Moynahan)

Bridget is a popular model and actress. She was born on April 28, 1971, and went to school at Longmeadow High in Massachusetts. After school, she went to modeling and appeared in top magazines like Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and others. Since 1999 she has been working as an actress and has appeared in various films. As an extraordinary actress, she appeared next to big wigs like Nicolas Cage, Will Smith, Ben Affleck, and Thomas Freeman.

She booked the lead role in the CBS drama Blue Bloods, which began in 2010. She plays the role of Erin Reagan. Bridget had a previous relationship with Tom Brady (the New England Patriots quarterback), with whom she has a son, Jack Edward Thomas. Her marriage to Andrew Frankel will be her first walk down the aisle after being introduced by a mutual friend.

The couple got married in October 2015 at a private wedding to which only her inner circle was invited. The wedding took place on Wolffer Estate Vineyards in Sagaponack, New York. Although they do not yet have children together, they are satisfied with the upbringing of their 4 boys from their previous relationships.

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Cool Facts

1. Andrew has a flair for animation and comics. He has worked with various crews who have developed the graphics for some of the movies we’ve grown to love. These include Jurassic Park (1993), Dragons: Fire and Ice (2004), The Transformers (2007), and Star Wars (1997-2019).

2. Andrew Frankel works both as co-founder and head of the global research and execution department of Stuart Frankel & Co. He has brought a new approach to his father’s business, overseeing asset management, investments, access to collaboration, desk research, and SWOT analysis, among other things.

3. Bridget isn’t the only actor in the family, as Andrew once tried his hand as an actor and starred in several films. His first acting role was as a systems engineer in the 1989 film Alien Space Avenger. He also acted in Godzilla and Tomorrow Never Dies.

4. Andrew Frankel is a real “feast for the eyes”. He has an impressive height of 6 feet and he also trains to keep fit. The fact that he is also very rich has made him almost irresistible to women. His net worth is not confirmed, but rumor has it that it is 25 million dollars.

5. Andrew and Bridget Frankel asked their wedding guests to donate to a charity – “The Hole in The Wall Gang Camp” – instead of bringing gifts for their wedding.