Alfonso Ribeiro Daughter Ava Recovers After Terrifying Scooter Accident
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Alfonso Ribeiro Daughter Ava Recovers After Terrifying Scooter Accident: Alfonso Ribeiro the renowned American actor comedian and TV personality has recently shared an update about his daughter Ava’s unfortunate scooter accident.

The news has been making waves on social media leaving fans deeply concerned for the young girl’s well-being. The accident took place on Thursday and since then people have been eager to learn more about the incident and Alfonso’s personal and professional life. Let’s delve into the details of this distressing event.

Alfonso Ribeiro widely recognized for his roles in popular sitcoms such as “In the House” “Silver Spoons” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” has garnered a significant following throughout his career.

After Tom Bergeron’s departure, Ribeiro took over as the host of ABC’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos” following a remarkable 15-year tenure. His versatility led him to host various other TV programs including “Dance 360” “Catch 21” and “Spell-Mageddon.” He even participated in the 13th season of the British reality series “I’m a Celebrity” and played the lead role in the Broadway musical “The Tap Dance Kid.”

Ribeiro further showcased his talent by winning Season 19 of “Dancing with the Stars” alongside partner Witney Carson before later joining Tyra Banks as a co-host.

Alfonso Ribeiro Daughter Accident

Just before her fourth birthday Alfonso Ribeiro took to Instagram to reveal that his 3-year-old daughter Ava had undergone emergency surgery following a terrifying scooter accident.

In a heartfelt post-Ribeiro expressed his gratitude to the medical staff for their exceptional care and shared a photo of Ava with visible bruises on her arm and eye. His wife Angela also shared the same photo on Instagram stating that she had a premonition that something unfortunate might happen to Ava. Angela had cautioned everyone to avoid engaging in any risky activities that day.

The incident occurred when someone allowed Ava to use a sit-down scooter leading to the unfortunate mishap. Angela commended Dr. Raffy at @kareskinmd for performing a procedure to minimize Ava’s scarring.

On May 12 Alfonso Ribeiro shared an Instagram picture displaying his daughter Ava’s injuries resulting from the distressing scooter accident which occurred a day before her fourth birthday.

He expressed his gratitude to @kareskinmd for their prompt and expert care hoping it would prevent long-lasting scars. Ribeiro commended Ava for her bravery during the medical procedure. Messages of support and well wishes poured in from his “Dancing with the Stars” castmates and famous friends demonstrating an outpouring of love for the family.

Alan Bersten referred to Ava as a “brave little one” and Sasha Farber echoed his sentiments. This incident has deeply touched the hearts of many and the family’s well-being remains in the thoughts of concerned fans.

In conclusion, Alfonso Ribeiro’s daughter Ava is on the road to recovery after a harrowing scooter accident. The news of this unfortunate incident has captivated the attention of people worldwide who eagerly await updates on Ava’s progress.

As the Ribeiro family navigates this challenging time the support and love from fans and well-wishers continue to pour in. We hope for a swift and complete recovery for Ava as her resilience shines through during this difficult period. Stay tuned to for further updates on this developing story.