Aiden English Biography, Wife, WWE Career Stats and Other Interesting Facts
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Fighting, they say, is not just a skill but an art, and the popular American professional wrestler Aiden English is an artist or rather a gentleman who combines the macho arts with fighting, music, and theatre. Aiden is known for skillfully destroying his opponents with his massive muscles and dazzling the WWE audience with his singing trick.

Now celebrated as one of the most renowned artists in the world of wrestling, Mr. English signed his contract with WWE in 2012. The singing fighter’s amazing performance in wrestling earned him fame in the early years of his wrestling career, and with his remarkable movements in the ring, expectations are very high that he is on his way to becoming one of the best wrestlers WWE has ever seen.

Aiden English Biography

The professional wrestler with the real name Matthew Rehwoldt was born on 7 October 1987 in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from Lyons Township High School, he went to Columbia College Chicago, where he studied acting with a focus on stage combat and graduated with a BA degree in 2010.

Aiden English Biography, Wife, WWE Career Stats and Other Interesting Facts
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It is said that this artist developed a keen interest in acting when he was very young, and by the time he was out of his teens, he already had about 20 stage productions to his credit.

And when he finally began his wrestling career, the training he had received during his college years came to his aid and gave him a unique quality that set him apart from other wrestlers. He was a fantastic entertainer and it was only natural that he signed his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). This happened in 2012 and marked the beginning of his conquest as Aiden English under the SmackDown brand.

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WWE Career Stats

Aiden was initially assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), a development area of the WWE, after signing a contract with the promoted team. After adopting Aiden English as his ring name, he made his first appearance on FCW television on 8 April 2012, where he competed with Audrey Marie against Rick Victor and Paige in a gender-neutral team match. He lost many games in the process, but his first television victory came in the NXT 2013 episode when he defeated Michael Q. Laurie.

In June 2014, Aiden formed a tag team called The Vaudevillains in collaboration with Simon Gotch. The Vaudevillains defeated Blake and Murphy in NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn to win the NXT Tag Team Championship. As a member of The Vaudevillains, Aiden enjoyed several wins and not too many losses between 2014 and 2017. On April 5, 2017, his partner Simon Gotch was dismissed from the WWE, and as a result of Gotch’s dismissal, The Vaudevillains were disbanded and Aiden returned to his vocal tricks.

Life after The Vaudevillains was a little tough for Aiden, who suffered repeated defeats against several opponents, even in the 2018 Royal Rumble game – he was eliminated by Finn Bálor. In WrestleMania 34, he was the first man to be eliminated.

Aiden English Wife

Aiden English Biography, Wife, WWE Career Stats and Other Interesting Facts
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The WWE star had a relationship with Shaul Guerrero, a former FCW Divas champion, daughter of former wrestling icons Eddie and Vickie Guerrero. Their official engagement was in December 2014 and they were married almost a year later, on January 3, 2016.

Shaul, known to WWE fans as Raquel Diaz, spent several years in the development systems of promotion – Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT – but had to quit for personal reasons that later turned out to be an eating disorder that led her to enter a rehab program. Although it is still too early for us to ask why they don’t have children, the couple lives in marital comfort.

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Other Interesting Facts About Aiden English 

Height and Body Stats

The famous wrestler is in the big boys’ league, standing at an enviable height of 1.91 m (6 feet 3 inches) and weighing 98 kg (215 lbs).

Many Nicknames

Because of his singing gimmicks in the ring, which always entertains the audience, the multi-talent was branded with many nicknames. These include, among others: The Artist, The Drama King, The Man of Cultured Art, The Shakespeare of Songs, The Blue Pants, and The Manager.

Aiden’s Accomplishments

The Drama King was ranked 171st in the top 500 wrestlers evaluated by Pro Wrestling Illustrated 2016. Among his other achievements, winning the NXT Tag Team Championship with Simon Gotch was the most prestigious.