Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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Adele has always been known for her desire to keep her family life private, but today we are able to take a look at the relationship between the singer and her father. Despite Adele’s efforts to maintain privacy in regards to their bond, there is no denying that it plays an important role in keeping the world going round – just as they say! We have managed to uncover some information about this familial connection which will provide us with further insight into Adele’s life.

Adele’s Father

Point to an overly emotional woman and we’ll show you the man who caused her some serious daddy problems. In the case of the star, this man is Mark Evans and he is Adele’s father. He met Adele’s mother in the summer of 1987 after he had just moved to London to work as a window cleaner according to Penny Adkins when he saw Penny Adkins it was love at first sight.

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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Shortly thereafter they moved in together and had Adele on 5 May 1988 but by the time she was 9 months old her parents had already separated. At that time Mark still played a role in her life although he moved back to Wales. What made the actual gulf between them grow further was his father’s death.

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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Mark’s father John died of colon cancer which broke the young man’s heart to the point where he went to the bottle. As I spoke to The Sun in 2011 he said “My drinking made Oliver Reed look like a teetotaller I was a lazy father at a time when she really needed me”.

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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He confessed that he had been drinking two liters of vodka and seven or eight liters of Stella each day for three years. He was ashamed of his behavior but miraculously managed to survive. To spare Adele from witnessing him in such a state he decided the best thing he could do was to ensure she never saw him like that again.

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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Adele and her father have been able to reconcile their once tense relationship, following Adele’s father’s own battle with bowel cancer – the same illness that took his own father. This is a major milestone in their relationship as Adele had previously stated that she would spit at him if they ever crossed paths.

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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He reached out to her in an interview and begged her forgiveness. He admitted that his drinking not only sparked alienation but there was also the question of an interview in which he told details about the family’s past. The two are said to have reconciled while their latest album 25 was still in progress Adele later denied it.

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Adele’s Family, Father

Adele is renowned for her desire to keep her family and private life out of the public eye, which has resulted in a cautious attitude when it comes to divulging information about them. However, by examining what she does feel comfortable discussing with the media, we can still gain an understanding of those closest to Adele. This emphasizes why Adele was so upset when her father went ahead and made personal disclosures without consulting or informing his daughter beforehand.

Adele’s Mother

Her name is Penny Susan Adkins and she was born the star and practically raised it alone. Adele’s relationship with her mother is a sharp contrast to the one she has with her father she has often described her mother as her best friend and she recognizes her as one of the influences in her life that have led to her success.

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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Adele loves her moms and has often recognized her in some of her songs such as Hometown Glory Million Years Ago and her cover of The Cure’s Lovesong. That’s not all she did for her mother although in February 2013 Adele gave her mother an apartment worth 600000 pounds. This is a gift suitable for a lady.

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Adele’s Husband

Simon Konecki is not only the man of the star but also the father of her son. The star is an advocate when it comes to keeping her business private and as such she has tried but failed to keep secret the fact that she has tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend she finally acknowledged the fact that they were hooked during her 2017 Grammy acceptance speech.

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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The two actually met through Ed Sheeran in 2011 when she took a break from singing due to her neck surgery.

Adele’s Father, Mother, Husband And Son
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John has made quite a name for himself in the business world despite not having the same level of fame as Adele. His impressive career history includes his time spent leading EBS at Icecap and managing senior broker teams at Lehman Brothers according to The Sun. Instead of continuing on this path working for someone else, John decided to pursue something more meaningful – using his skillset and knowledge to make an impact on society and create positive change in our world.

Adele’s Husband 3
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This led him together with his friend Lucas to find White Life Water an environmentally friendly bottled water brand in the UK which later led to the creation of Drop4Drop a charity dedicated to providing clean water in poor rural areas.

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Adele’s Son

The celebrity mommy bear has gone to great lengths to keep her little one out of the public eye, going as far as taking legal action. She made the announcement of her pregnancy at seven months and following his birth, she kept his name a closely guarded secret for many months due to its personal significance.

Adele’s baby bump
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Little Angelo was born on 20 October 2012 and almost 2 years later he was the center of a courtly drama. Sometime in July 2014 the star sued Paparazzi and won a five-figure fine after publishing photos of Angelo last summer.

Adele Son Angelo Adkins
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The star had reason to do so because she had already insisted that Angelo never become public property. The star recently gave her fans a glimpse of how she raised her son. She said “I educate him to respect women. He knows that I am a strong force he feels it at home let alone when he works with me. And he comes everywhere with me anyway!

There is speculation that she is planning to have another child with her husband.

Quick Facts About Adele

Date of Birth:5 May 1988
 Age:31 years old
 Birth Nation:United Kingdom
 Height:5 Feet 9 Inch
Birth NameAdele Laurie Blue Adkins
FatherMark Evans
MotherPenny Adkins
Birth Place/CityNorth London
Net Worth$135 million
Eye ColorGreen eyes
Hair ColorLight brown
Face ColorWhite
Body Measurements38-32-40
Breast Size38B
Waist size32
Hip Size40
Shoe Size16 (US)
Weight in KG82 kg
Married toSimon Konecki (m. 2016)
ChildrenAngelo Adkins
EducationBRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon
AwardsGrammy Awards
SiblingsCameron Evans