Abdel Bouhazama Resign: Where Is He Going After Leaving Angers? Controversy

Abdel Bouhazama Resign: Where Is He Going After Leaving Angers? Controversy: The resignation of the French football manager and previous head coach of Ligue 1 club Angers has made headlines. The controversy surrounding Mohamed Bouhazama.

Abdel Bouhazama is a well-known French football manager who also serves as the head coach of the French football club Angers.

Furthermore, Bouhazama is a former player who began coaching in 2003. Abdel rose to prominence after taking over as Angers boss after Gerald Baticle was suspended.

Furthermore, he has been involved in sports since he was a child and has played for a number of well-known teams; he began serving as the Tours’ assistant team manager.

When it comes to his playing career, Abdel made his senior football career debut in 1986, when he played for the Spanish football team Abarán.

Abdel Bouhazama Resign: Where Is He Going After Leaving Angers?

Abdel Bouhazama, the head coach of Ligue 1 club Angers, has resigned. The club recently released an official statement stating that Abdel is no longer the head coach as a result of a mutual decision with the club’s management.

He was named SCO boss in November of last year. Football fans are wondering where he is heading now that he has announced his departure from the club.

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Multiple tweets have been made regarding Abdel Bouhazama’s resignation. (Source: Twitter)

Abdel, on the other hand, has not revealed any intentions. In addition, he has not yet spoken with any media sources.

As a result, we are unable to predict where he will now relocate. The former Angers head coach, on the other hand, may provide some updates soon. Alexandre Dujeux is rumored to be the new head coach of Angers.

Angers Head Coach Abdel Bouhazama Controversy Explained

Former Angers coach Abdel Bouhazama resigned on March 7, 2023, following regrettable remarks made during the team’s 5-0 defeat to Montpellier on March 5, 2023.

Bouhazama sparked outrage when he appeared to trivialise and disregard the issue of sexual assault during his pre-match team talk, sparking a public outcry and widespread condemnation.

Similarly, Abdel instructed his players to explain Ilyes Chetti’s inclusion in Angers’ starting lineup. According to reports, Chetti was charged last month with sexually assaulting a woman in a nightclub.

Furthermore, the former anger head coach apologized to his coworkers and a female colleague.

Abdel Bouhazama Wikipedia Details

Abdel Bouhazama, a 6-foot-tall athlete, was born on January 4, 1969. Furthermore, his given name is Abdelaziz “Abdel” Bouhazama.

The professional football boss grew up in his birthplace of Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France, and is of French nationality.

Abdel had a strong desire to pursue a career in football since he was a teenager, so with his parent’s support, he began his career in the field and had a great journey both as a player and as a team manager.

Bouhazama was also born in France and is of Moroccan heritage. Sadly, little is known about his personal life, including his childhood and family.

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Abdel Bouhazama during an interview. (Source: UK Daily News)

Therefore, the name and details of the football manager’s parents are also presently lacking in the sources. Furthermore, Abdel has been coaching for over two decades and has worked with over five teams.

Following his successful career, the former football player and now coach’s net worth is believed to be in the six figures, possibly exceeding $1 million.