Who is Melissa McKnight – Matt LeBlanc’s Ex-Wife? 5 Facts You Must Know
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Melissa McKnight is a former model, actress, and mother of three children. You could describe her in two words: Wonder Woman. Despite her divorce and the health challenge that her last daughter experienced as a toddler, Melissa went through this challenge without losing her mind and without making herself the subject of caricatures by the media and her fans. How did she manage all this, one might ask? Even though we may not have all the answers, we encourage you to read as we share 5 important facts about her.

Who Is Melissa McKnight – LeBlanc’s Ex-Wife?

Melissa McKnight was born in England on March 10, 1965, and although she is English by birth, her family moved to the United States when she was still very tender, and so she acquired United States citizenship at this young age. She has three children.

Apart from being known as a model, Melissa McKnight is also popularly known as Matt LeBlanc’s ex-wife. They married in 2003 and divorced in 2006. As a model, she has participated in several beauty campaigns for top brands. Melissa is also known for her role in the 2001 movie Triangles and Tribulations.

Here Are 5 Facts You Should Know

1. Married-Divorce-Married

Melissa and LeBlanc first met in 1997 through Lou Diamond Philips and his wife Kelly Philips. Their flame grew into something remarkable, and in 1998 they became engaged. Five years later, in 2003, the couple entered into a marriage. However, the union was officially dissolved by divorce in October 2006.

Before her marriage to LeBlanc, Melissa McKnight was already married and had two children. She was initially married to filmmaker Anthony Esposito. The children’s names are Tyler Esposito and Jacqueline Esposito.

Their marriage is said to have failed due to a lack of time and effort on both sides. Since her divorce from Matt LeBlanc, Melissa McKnight has kept quiet and kept her private life and that of her children away from the media.

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2. Incessant Infidelity

Melissa and LeBlanc separated because of his constant problems with infidelity. According to reports, LeBlanc was constantly cheating on his wife. He even did a show at a club with a stripper. His refusal to stop cheating on her repeatedly became unbearable for Melissa and led her to decide to end her three-year marriage.

3. Joint Custody

Melissa still maintains a warm relationship with her ex-husband LeBlanc. They have joint custody of their daughter Marina Pearl LeBlanc, who was born in 2004. She spends a few weeks with her father and then returns home to her mother. LeBlanc said in an interview that she (Marina) is the best thing that ever happened to him and he doesn’t mind that she crashed his Ferrari because he will always love her. Despite his busy schedule, actor LeBlanc still finds time to go horseback riding, hiking, and other fun activities with his daughter.

4. Melissa McKnight Daughter’s Health Challenge

Melissa’s last child and daughter with Matt LeBlanc, Marina, suffered from a rare brain disease. As an eight-month-old infant, she had regular seizures. Her health was fine, and by the time she was two years old, she had overcome the neural disease. Leblanc remembers that these two years were the hardest years of his life.

5. Who is Matt LeBlanc?

Matt Leblanc is an American actor, presenter, comedian, and also the ex-husband of Melissa McKnight. Matt is of French-Canadian and Italian descent and attended Newton North High School. He made his first television appearance in 1987 for a Heinz tomato ketchup commercial. In 1988 he stirred in his very first show called TV101. In 1991 he starred in Married With Children and in 1992 Vinnie and Bobby were released.

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The break from LeBlanc came after a role in the TV drama series Friends. He was nominated for three Prime Time Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. In 1994 he was portrayed in Lookin’ Italian and in 2000 in The Charlie’s Angels.

After his divorce in 2006, Leblanc took a break from the silver screen in 2006 and returned after five years. Upon his return in 2011, he won the 2012 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a TV serial comedy for his performance in Episodes, a BBC series in which he played a fictional version of himself. He won the award one year after the series began.

In the same year, 2012, Matt LeBlanc became a host in Top Gear, along with Chris Evans. He signed a 2-year contract in 2016 and resigned after the contract expired in May 2018 on the grounds that he travels a lot because of the series and has little or no time for family and friends.