Abby Choi Religion: Did She Follow Christian Or Jewish Faith? Family And Ethnicity

Many people want to know Abby Choi’s religion. She was a model and influencer but unfortunately, she was found dead without her head in a village called Tai Po. Some of her body parts were cooked and others were kept in a refrigerator.

Abby was a model and influencer who had many fans on Instagram where she posted pictures of her exciting life including fashion shows and photo shoots. During Paris Fashion Week she wore a beautiful tulle gown and attended a Dior performance.

Abby had over 100000 followers on Instagram and posted pictures of her modeling work and fashion shows. Her latest post just one week ago was about a photo shoot she did with L’Officiel Monaco magazine.

Many people were surprised and upset by Abby Choi’s violent murder. Hong Kong is usually considered a safe place with low levels of violent crime so her murder was shocking to many people in Hong Kong and China.

Abby Choi’s murder is one of the most shocking cases in Hong Kong since 2013 when a man killed his parents and their heads were found in refrigerators.

In 1999 a woman was kidnapped and tortured by three people from a criminal group and later killed. The case gained attention when it was discovered that her skull was found inside a Hello Kitty doll. The trial for the murder case will take place in May.

Abby Choi Religion: Did She Follow Christian Or Jewish Faith? Family And Ethnicity

Abby didn’t talk much about her family or her religion while she was alive.

Abby was Asian and followed Buddhism which was her religion. She was born in Hong Kong so she was a citizen of that country. She didn’t tell us much about her family.

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Every year on July 18th Abby Choi would celebrate her birthday with her family and friends. She was born on July 18 1994 which means she was 28 years old when she passed away on July 24, 2022. Abby’s astrological sign was Cancer-based on her birth date.

Abby Choi was born in Hong Kong to parents who were also from there. We don’t know much about her mother and father from what’s been shared in the news.

Abby came from a wealthy family who did business in Hong Kong and China. However, we don’t know who her mother or father was because their names are not public.

Researchers found out that the girl’s mother uses social media and her father works in a business. The press doesn’t have any information about her brothers. But some sources say that she has two sisters.

More On Abby Choi’s Death

Abby Choi who was 28 years old disappeared and three days later on February 24, 2023, people found her without a head in a small village called Tai Po in Hong Kong.

Abby Choi Religion: Did She Follow Christian Or Jewish Faith? Family And Ethnicity

Reports say that someone cooked some of Abby’s body parts and other parts were hidden in a fridge. So the police called it a murder case.

Choi’s family reported her missing when she didn’t pick up her daughter from school like she usually did. The last time anyone saw her was when she got into a car driven by her ex-brother-in-law who she had hired as a driver.

The police found an electric saw and a meat slicer at the place where they found Choi’s body. The police then arrested three suspects on February 25 2023 after they found out that Choi was murdered.

Abby Choi Religion: Did She Follow Christian Or Jewish Faith? Family And Ethnicity

The police arrested three suspects for Choi’s murder. One of them is Anthony Kwong Kong-kit who was Choi’s driver and former in-law. The other two suspects are the parents of Anthony Kwong Kong-kit who were also former in-laws of Choi before she married Alex Kwong Kong-chi.