Onision Wife, Kids, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Is He Gay?
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Being a YouTuber seems to be the in thing at the moment, as the sharing website is experiencing more and more people making a career from the platform every day. But as appealing as a career on YouTube may seem, the task is enormous, because before you can be known as a successful YouTuber, you must have done your homework well, from creating a name for yourself to setting up a channel and expanding it. Onision is one of those people who took the bull by the horns, met the above criteria, and proved to be one of the many YouTubers you can count on.

Onision Bio (Age)

Onision was born on 11 November 1985 as Gregory Daniel Jackson. Greg’s parents are said to have been divorced after his father was convicted of sexual assault against a minor, Greg was only two years old at the time.

There was conflicting information about where he was born and raised. At first, people thought he grew up in Oregon because he once mentioned that he went to school in Oregon, then he cleared the air and said he never lived in Oregon.

Other available information indicated that his birthplace and hometown would be Auburn, WA, and some others said it was Washington (but we have yet to confirm this).

Greg was committed to a juvenile detention center at age 15 after repeatedly kicking his father in the chest in self-defense for physically assaulting him. This experience would explain why the themes of most of his videos are about his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts – all is life.

Onision Wife, Kids, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height, Is He Gay?
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In one of his videos, he told how he held a gun to his head while serving in the Air Force. Greg has used his experience quite well to help others as a peer counselor.

He loves his mother very much as she can be seen in some of his videos like “The Ghosts Caught On Camera”.

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About His YouTube Career

His YouTube career began in January 2006 when he launched his first channel Onision. His earliest videos showed a Darth Vader helmet that changes the voice.

He launched his second channel, OnisionArchive, in 2008; while the first channel contained more satirical videos, the second served as a second channel, adding additional content and advertising.

The stories posted on this second channel revolved around topics such as suicide, self-injury, bodily issues, he also took time to answer questions he received in his forum

In 2009 Greg launched his third channel OnisionSpeaks. The channel, known by him and his fans simply as Speaks, is his own way of creating and supporting awareness of vegetarianism. The OnisionSpeaks channel eventually became his most important self-help and peer advice channel.

His most recent channel is UhOhBro, which went online in 2012. Here he uploads videos of him searching for and responding to various topics that he received from Google. One of his most viewed videos is I’m A Banana, which has received over 61 million hits and over 760,000 likes.

His appearance on YouTube has caused mixed feelings, and some have taken a negative view of his videos, making him one of the most controversial YouTubers.

Onision Net Worth

Greg’s net worth is estimated at $2.3 million. Most of his income comes from his YouTube channels.

With over 2 million and more than 570 million views, Onision is reported to generate an estimated income of approximately $100 per day and $36,000 per year, while el OnisionSpeaks, with over 1.9 million subscribers and more than 150,000 daily views, generates approximately $270 per day from YouTube ads.

Greg also sells merchandising items on his websites, which also generates revenue.

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Is He Gay? Wife Girlfriend, Kids

Since Greg is carrying around the portfolio of a controversial YouTuber, you can imagine that his sexual orientation will not be far from controversial.

Fans wanted to know if he was gay, and in 2013 he resorted to his Twitter grip to clear the air. According to Greg, he wrote in a tweet on July 9, 2013: “I’m not gay, I just look, sound and act gay”.

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He was married twice. His first marriage was with Skye Tantaga, the couple was together from 2005-2011. He is currently married to Taylor Anderson since 2012. The couple reportedly has two children who have decided to stay away from social media.

He had a relationship with Canadian pop singer-songwriter Shiloh Hoganson and Adrienne Jourgenson.

Height: How Tall Is Onision? 

Onision is 5 ft 11 inches tall and weighs 60 kg. The YouTube sensation was an aviator in the US Air Force before he dumped her for a career in the internet business.