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Yllana Marie Aduana Wins Miss Philippines Earth 2023: Yllana Marie Aduana from Laguna has been crowned the winner of the Miss Philippines Earth 2023 competition which took place in Toledo City Cebu.

She beat 28 other contestants to claim the title with Kerri Reily from Mangatarem Pangasinan named Miss Philippines Air 2023 Jemimah Joy Zabala from Puerto Princesa winning Miss Philippines Water 2023 Sha’uri Livori from Melbourne taking the Miss Philippines Fire 2023 title and Athena Auxillo from Toledo City crowned Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism 2023.

Who is Yllana Marie Aduana?

Yllana Marie Aduana is a young woman from Laguna Philippines who won the Miss Philippines Earth 2023 competition. Not much information is available about her personal life but she impressed the judges with her speech on the importance of safety food security and water security.

The Coronation Night

The coronation night of Miss Philippines Earth 2023 was held in Toledo City Cebu. The event lasted for three hours and was watched by many people online and offline. Aduana emerged victorious with Reily Zabala Livori and Auxillo named as the runners-up.

What is Miss Philippines Earth?

Miss Philippines Earth is an annual beauty pageant held in the Philippines. It is one of the major beauty pageants in the country alongside Miss Universe Philippines Binibining Pilipinas and Miss World Philippines.

The competition aims to promote environmental awareness and support the preservation of the planet’s natural resources.

Aduana’s Winning Moment

During the competition, Aduana was asked about the importance of safe food security and water security. She delivered an impressive speech saying that Ensuring safety is paramount in our lives, encompassing not only personal security but also water and food security.

Miss Philippines Earth has expressed her commitment to incorporating her hardworking nature to help us achieve safety at all costs, thereby protecting Mother Earth as she protects us.

What’s Next for Aduana?

As the winner of Miss Philippines Earth 2023, Aduana has a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders. She is expected to use her platform to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable living.

She will also represent the Philippines in the Miss Earth pageant which is scheduled to take place later this year.

Yllana Marie Aduana’s win at Miss Philippines Earth 2023 has brought a lot of attention to her and her advocacy for environmental issues. Her speech on safety food security and water security resonated with the judges and the audience making her a deserving winner.

We wish her the best of luck in her journey as Miss Philippines Earth 2023 and hope that she will continue to inspire others to take care of our planet.