Who Is Victoria Long Husband Dennis Long? Is Strognwoman A Man Or Woman?

Who Is Victoria Long Husband Dennis Long? Is Strognwoman A Man Or Woman?; Strongwoman Dennis Long, Victoria Long’s spouse, is a strongman. Throughout their powerlifting careers, the pair have received numerous awards. Here’s more on the powerful duo.

Victoria Long is a strong woman powerlifter from the United States.

The Minnesota native is the 2022 Arnold Pro Champion and was crowned America’s Strongest Woman the same year.

Long is taught by Jacob Matthew Finerty, who holds the Natural Stone World Record and the Block Press World Record.

Since 2019, she has been married to fellow strongman Dennis Long.

Who Is Victoria Long’s Husband Dennis Long?

Dennis Long, Victoria Long’s husband, is a powerlifter who participates in strongman competitions.

They dated for several years before getting married in 2019. As a tribute to her spouse, Victoria has a “Dennis” tattoo on her chest.

Victoria and Dennis frequently share each other’s photos on social media.

Looking at the power couple’s pictures, it’s clear that they’re in love and support each other.

Victoria Long And Dennis Long

Dennis has previously competed in several powerlifting events. In recent years, he has frequently competed in the 50+ age category.

However, it appears that he has retired from strongman competitions and is now concentrating on his wife Victoria’s career, which began in 2019.

During his wife’s strength-lifting contests, he is frequently seen cheering her on.

Dennis and Victoria are both on Instagram. Dennis has 3.4K Instagram followers as @strongmandl, and Victoria has 4.1K followers as @onestrongb.

Is Victoria Long Transgender- Is Strongwoman A Man Or Woman?

Victoria Long is not a transsexual person. She is, instead, an extremely strong lady who recently won the Strongwoman Classics.

Because of her massive physique and the immense strength she displays during her power lifts, people frequently confuse Victoria for being transgender.

Victoria Long first came to public attention in 2019 when she participated in the World’s Strongest Woman competition.

Many viewers assumed she was transgender after seeing her performances.

The strong woman, who is happily married to Dennis Long, has not commented on the issue.

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More on Victoria Long, the Strongwoman

Victoria Long is a strong woman powerlifter from the United States.

She went professional in 2019 and has already established herself as one of America’s toughest women.

Victoria Long

Long has won three of four foreign competitions, as well as both of her two national competitions.

Long has also competed in one World’s Strongest Women competitions, placing second.

Long placed second in the open section in her debut season, the 2019 WSW contest in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Victoria also won the 2022 Arnold Pro Strongwoman and the 2022 Shaw Classic Open (Women).

Victoria earned America’s Strongest Woman for the second year in a row in 2021 and 2022.

Long recently won the 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Challenge, which took place on March 4, 2023, in Columbus, Ohio.

She won three categories at the ASC 2023, including Timber Carry, Unspunnen Stone Throw, and Max Deadlift.

Long won the tournament by lifting a record 295 kg (650 lbs) at the elephant bar.

She also raised 347 kg (765 lbs) in the hummer tyre deadlift and 136 kg (300 lbs) in the max log lift.