Home Media personality Who Is Simplynessa15, What Did She Do To Become Internet Sensation?

Who Is Simplynessa15, What Did She Do To Become Internet Sensation?

Who Is Simplynessa15, What Did She Do To Become Internet Sensation?
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Simplynessa15 is a popular Youtube channel that has been running since June 2012. The channel is owned and operated by New Mexico-born Vanessa Martinez.

The Internet sensation has more than 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube and is also represented on Instagram and Twitter, where it also enjoys a large fan base. At Instagram she is called simplynessa15 and has 628k followers, she handle on Twitter, @simplynessa15 has more than 184.000 followers. What exactly did Martinez do to become an Internet sensation? Read on…

Who Is Simplynessa15? Brief Bio

Simplynessa15 (Vanessa Martinez) was born on Thursday 21 November 1996 in Clovis, New Mexico, USA. There is no detailed information online about her parents and family background.

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Although the names of her schools are unknown, records show that she played volleyball, basketball, and athletics during her high school years. She has a (younger) brother named Jayden.

Vanessa has also worked as a counselor and has her own clothing line called CLO X NESSA.

What Did She Do To Become An Internet Sensation?

Simplynessa15, owned by Vanessa Martinez, has been running since 2012, and since then she has been entertaining and educating her fans by uploading content ranging from fashion tips, make-up tutorials, hair care tips, product endorsements to her own personal stories.

Initially, she uploaded her videos from time to time, but soon switched to daily uploads, and over time her channel began to gain popularity and her subscribers grew so much that by May 2018 her channel had gained 2,411,538 subscribers, in addition to the followers she has on Twitter and Instagram.

Her previous videos include My Tmart.com Haul (this was her first video to go online on June 12, 2012), Braces 101: Types, Cost, & How to get them CHEAP, Review: Organix coconut milk anti-breakage serum, How to get them: keeping hair straight overnight, & How to get them

In June 2016 Simplynessa15 told the story of how she was persecuted and severely attacked by someone she thought was her boyfriend. According to her, the supposed friend had followed her and her boyfriend to her hotel room, even after she tried to stop him, then her friend left the room, the guy tried to sexually harass her even when she tried to push him away.

Even after this encounter, he refused to leave her alone, she had to block him in all forms of social media, which did not stop the stalker, who continued to send her messages from fake numbers and a new Instagram account he had created. The Youtuber said her reasons for wearing and rotating wigs were primarily to disguise herself so well that the stalker would not recognize her.

Many have actually accused the sensational YouTuber of having invented several of her stories to gain popularity on the Internet. Simplynessa15 denied the rumors and gunned down those who spread the rumors about her online.

Vanessa Martinez (Simplynessa15) Opened Up About Her Sexuality

In a video entitled I also like girls (a coming out video), uploaded in May 2016, the YouTuber revealed her true sexual identity. In the video, she says she is bisexual and is attracted to both men and women.

According to her, this has been the case since she was 14 years old and she had to put those feelings aside because her family did not support homosexuality, but because at this time of her life she needed to come out of the closet and show people who she really is.

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She also revealed that she has lived in woman-to-woman relationships and that her last one took place in December 2015. “I am able to connect with both a girl and a boy on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. So now I know exactly who I am,” she added.

After other controversies that followed her other stories, some actually thought that she must have invented these stories as well to become famous, but if you look at the video critically, it’s definitely obvious that Simplynessa15 did not exaggerate or fake this particular video.

Her Hair

Martinez is a lady who is not afraid to try something new when it comes to her looks. Recently she took the style risk of cutting all her hair off and went completely bald.

The YouTube star had posted an 11-minute video of her shaving her head. She claimed that adding more and more extensions had damaged her natural hair and made it sparse, so she shaved everything to start over.