Chris Hemsworth’s Height, Weight Body Measurements

Ever Wondered What is Chris Hemsworth’s Height? It has been 14 years since Chris Hemsworth in all his Australian glory first honored our television screens and since then he has made a name for himself. Hemsworth’s beautiful body wasn’t built in a day so before we dive in here’s a little story in the background. Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983, to Leonie and Craig Hemsworth in Melbourne Australia.

He is the 2nd of the three brothers who decided to make theatre a family business, we can even attribute the increase in Australian actors in Hollywood to the takeover by the Hemsworth brothers. We simply cannot have enough. Kindly find the details of Chris Hemsworth’s height, weight, and body measurements below

Chris Hemsworth Height, Weight Body Measurements

His acting career began after attending high school with appearances in minor roles he was first recognized in 2004 for his role as Kim Hyde in the popular Australian television show Home and Away. The Australian actor has appeared in many television and film productions over the years but in 2011 he gained the identity of the Nordic god Thor in Marvel de Thor’s version.

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Since then, the franchise has done him a lot of good as he has now become a familiar name. In 2010, Chris broke the hearts of thousands of women around the world when he tied the knot with Spanish model actress and film producer Elsa Pataky their union is blessed with three children.

Chris Hemsworth’s Height, Weight Body Measurements

Chris Hemsworth Had To Lie About His Height In The Early Days of His Career

Chris is a Hollywood star who has achieved both fame and fortune despite his tall stature almost causing him to miss out on the roles he wanted early in his career. The Australian-born actor had to lie about Chris Hemsworth’s height to get an audition for many of the parts he was interested in as they were looking for someone shorter than himself. Today, however, Hemsworth’s impressive 6’3″ frame is one of the reasons why he ranks amongst some of Hollywood’s most popular and highest-paid stars.

He was an ideal candidate for the role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe given that he met all of the requirements set out by casting directors. The brief specified a height requirement of 6 feet 1 inch or over and this worked out perfectly for Hemsworth as his real-life measurements matched up with those desired. He did well during auditions and landed himself one of Hollywood’s most iconic roles in 2011 going on to reprise it across several MCU blockbusters since then. Chris’ natural talents were enough to secure him this role without needing to lie about Chris Hemsworth’s height – something we can be thankful for!

Chris Hemsworth Height

More information about Hemsworth and his beautiful body has long become a topic of interest. When he honored our screens as the Scandinavian god Thor, he left people both delighted and curious.

Second brother Hemsworth is known for his tall stature athletic build sky blue eyes and blond hair that he grows and cuts so often that it is almost confusing which has earned him more than a few roles where he has had to play the great brave and undoubtedly handsome hero.

Chris Hemsworth’s Height, Weight Body Measurements

Chris Hemsworth Height is 6 feet 3 ¼ inches tall. Up there with him, you will find Prince William the Duke of Cambridge and the late Muhammad Ali who are shoes big enough to grow up in.

Who Is The Tallest Among The Hemsworth Brothers?

Liam Hemsworth the younger brother of Chris has made a name for himself in Hollywood with his acclaimed performances in The Last Song The Hunger Games film series and Independence Day: Resurgence. He has earned several awards for his work and is also well-known due to his marriage to singer Miley Cyrus. Liam’s success demonstrates that talent runs deep within the family.

Luke Hemsworth the eldest of the three brothers has seen an increase in his success as a result of appearances on multiple TV series such as The Saddle Club Blue Heelers Last Man Standing and more. However, he does not measure up to his two younger siblings when it comes to height; while Chris and Liam both stand at 6 feet 3 inches tall Luke is 5 feet 11 inches tall – four inches shorter than them. Nonetheless, this hasn’t hindered him from pursuing a successful career in acting.

Chris Hemsworth’s Weight

For someone so athletic it is quite surprising that he weighs only 91 kg and it is quite obvious that his training routine focuses more on building his chest than on building his arms as his chest is twice as large as that of an average man at 48 inches tall.

Chris Hemsworth’s Weight

The ladies are still talking but they’re still drooling. Even though he had to take 20 more pounds for the role of Thor it seems Chris is even sexier than ever. The extra weight suits him very well and the ladies don’t care if he does it again. A Nordic god can weigh so much more and look sexy, can’t he?

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Body Measurements

His arms and biceps also get their fair share of toning and strength training at 16 inches. Its size is 33 inches and it can therefore be said to have an excellent shoulder-to-waist ratio. He has a well-sculpted body with 10-12% body fat and is no stranger to exercise and diet.

Chris Hemsworth Body

Chris has occasionally had to change his diet and training regimen for various roles the most popular being the regimen he used to get his look carved in Marvel’s Thor. Despite all his hard work and compromises, we can also pay tribute to his good genes so we must thank Leonie and Craig Hemsworth for Chris Hemsworth and his beautiful body.

Chris Hemsworth Career

Hemsworth began his professional career by appearing in a variety of television series. His first credited roles were in 2002 when he starred as King Arthur on two episodes of the fantasy show Guinevere Jones and made guest appearances on Neighbours and Marshall Law. Since then Hemsworth has gone on to appear in numerous TV series over the years.

Chris will reprise his role as Thor in the upcoming fourth installment of the Marvel franchise ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ which is slated to begin filming in Australia in August 2020 with a release date set for 2022. Additionally, it was announced on October 13th that he would star in the Mad Max: Fury Road spin-off ‘Furiosa’. Moreover, Hemsworth will also return as Tyler Rake for Netflix’s sequel to Extraction.

He was the recipient of three awards in 2016, 2017, and 2020 for his performance as an action movie actor. In 2016 he won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Action Movie Actor for Avengers: Age of Ultron and In the Heart of The Sea. The following year he took home a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor for The Huntsman: Winter War. Finally, in 2020 Chris earned another People’s Choice Award recognition as Action Movie Star with Extraction.

Chris Hemsworth Social Media

Chris is a renowned social media celebrity, amassing an impressive fan base on all major platforms. His popularity has skyrocketed due to his iconic portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). He can be found on Instagram under the handle @chrishemsworth where he currently boasts over 53.9 million followers. Additionally, Hemsworth’s Facebook page has 1.2 million devoted fans who follow him closely for updates and content!