Who Is Milo Manheim's Girlfriend? Actor's Dating Life Explored
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Milo Manheim is a famous American actor known for playing Zed in the Disney Channel movie Zombies. He started acting when he was only seven years old and has been in many musicals produced by Liza Monjauze. Apart from Zombies, he has also been in other movies like American Housewife and School Spirits. Milo gained a lot of fans after his role in Zombies 2 and now people are wondering if he’s dating someone. So does Milo Manheim have a girlfriend?

Milo Manheim was born in Los Angeles California USA. He got his start in acting back in 2009 appearing on the TV show Ghost Whisperer alongside his mom. Milo became well-known after his role in the Disney movie Zombies. His mom is actress Camryn Manheim and his dad is former model Jeffrey Brezovar.

Key Takeaways

  • Milo Manheim is famous for his role in Disney’s Zombies.
  • Milo is currently single with past associations with celebrities like Holiday Kriegel, Alexis Ren, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, and Meg Donnelly.
  • Speculations about his romantic life persist, but Milo has clarified his single status.
  • Fans often speculate about his relationship with on-screen partner Meg Donnelly, but they are just friends.

Does Milo Manheim have a girlfriend?

Who is Milo Manheim dating? Well, currently he is not in a relationship with anyone. There have been rumors linking him to celebrities like Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Alexis Ren. Let’s take a look at the women Milo has been romantically linked with.

Holiday Kriegel

Holiday Kriegel is an American model and influencer known for her work on social media. She is represented by Eleven Talent Agency which is owned by Kazembe Ajamu, Zendaya’s father. Holiday is also aspiring to be a singer and actress.

Who Is Milo Manheim's Girlfriend? Actor's Dating Life Explored
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Back in 2018, there were rumors that she and Milo were dating. They were seen together at two red carpet-events in July 2018. However, neither of them confirmed their relationship publicly.

In a 2018 interview, Milo stated that he was single and mentioned Kendall Jenner as his celebrity crush.

Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren is an American social media star and actress who’s also known for her advocacy work in mental health and empowerment. She’s the founder of an online platform called We Are Warriors focusing on mental health and wellness.

Who Is Milo Manheim's Girlfriend? Actor's Dating Life Explored
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Were Alexis Ren and Milo Manheim a couple? There were rumors in 2019 when they were seen together at Coachella. Milo shared a picture of them enjoying themselves at the festival with Alexis leaning on his shoulder. However, neither of them addressed these rumors publicly.

Peyton Elizabeth Lee

Rumors were swirling around about Milo Manheim and Peyton Elizabeth Lee possibly being a couple. Peyton Elizabeth Lee is a well-known actress recognized for her roles in movies like Secret Society of Second Born Royals and Shameless.

She received the Best Young Ensemble in a Television Series award in 2019 and was also nominated for the Peabody and British LGBT Awards in 2018.

Who Is Milo Manheim's Girlfriend? Actor's Dating Life Explored
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The speculation started when Peyton Elizabeth Lee posted a photo on Instagram with Milo’s arms around her on May 27, 2022, announcing his role in season 2 of Doogie Kameāloha M.D. Fans began questioning if they were dating after seeing the photo but neither of them has addressed the rumors.

“Happy birthday, buddy. I hope your day is full of Michael Scott and flags and escape rooms and Howe streets and Evian and laughing and dancing and bobby flay and suits. I love you crazy…”

Then on March 6, 2023, Peyton Elizabeth Lee posted another photo with their arms around each other wishing Milo Manheim a happy birthday. Despite the flood of comments asking about their relationship status Peyton’s responses indicated that they are just friends and nothing romantic is going on between them. They both star in Prom Pact and Doogie Kamealoha M.D. season 2.

Meg Donnelly

Are Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim a couple? No, they are not dating. They play a couple on screen but in real life, they are just friends. However, fans have been speculating about their relationship because of their chemistry in Zombies. They also seem very close and often post photos together on social media.

Who Is Milo Manheim's Girlfriend? Actor's Dating Life Explored
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In a YouTube video, Milo and Meg addressed these rumors making it clear that they’re not romantically involved. When asked about fans thinking they’re dating Milo said:

“I understand where fans are coming from. When I watch Zed and Addison it feels like a perfect match. Our bond has grown stronger over time; we hit it off at the beginning and now Meg is one of my closest friends. I get why people think we’re together. It makes sense.”

As for Meg Donnelly, she’s in a relationship with Noah Zulfikar another co-star from Zombies 2. She shared a picture of them holding hands on Instagram on January 11, 2022.

Who is Milo Manheim’s wife?

Is Milo Manheim married? No, the actor is not married or in a relationship at the moment. He confirmed this in a TikTok video he posted on April 5, 2023.

Who Is Milo Manheim's Girlfriend? Actor's Dating Life Explored
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In the video, Milo addressed some rumors saying “Hey everyone it’s Milo here… I want to clear something up. Many of you have been asking if I’m dating anyone and I’m here to tell you that I’m not dating anybody.”

Despite Milo’s statement in the video on April 15, 2023, he shared a photo of himself with actress Nell Verlaque. The caption of the photo sparked speculation among his fans about whether they were together romantically. However, Milo hasn’t said anything about the nature of his relationship with the actress.

Quick Facts

1. Is Milo Manheim currently dating anyone? There is no confirmation that he is in a relationship as of April 2024.

2. Who has Milo Manheim been linked to romantically? In 2018, there were rumors of him dating model Holiday Kriegel. More recently, there was speculation about a romance with actress Peyton Elizabeth Lee, but this was never confirmed.

3. Why were Milo Manheim and Peyton Elizabeth Lee suspected of dating? In May 2022, Peyton Elizabeth Lee posted a photo on social media with Milo, leading fans to speculate about a relationship. However, neither actor addressed the rumors.

4. What is Milo Manheim known for? He is best known for his starring role as Zed in the Disney Channel movie series “Zombies” (2018, 2020, 2022).

5. How old is Milo Manheim? Born on March 6, 2001, He is currently 23 years old.

6. Where is Milo Manheim from? Milo was born and raised in Venice, Los Angeles, California.

7. Is Milo Manheim related to any celebrities? Yes, He is the son of actress Camryn Manheim.

8. What else has Milo Manheim acted in besides “Zombies”? He has appeared in various TV shows and movies including “American Housewife” (2019), “Ghost Whisperer” (2009), and the reality show “Dancing with the Stars” (2018), where he finished runner-up.

9. Did Milo Manheim always want to be an actor? He started acting in after-school programs at a young age and performed in several musicals before landing his breakout role in “Zombies.”

10. Is Milo Manheim still acting? Yes, his latest credited work is the 2023 series “School Spirits.”


Milo Manheim’s romantic life remains a topic of fascination among fans. While speculation persists, Milo himself has debunked rumors, affirming his single status. Despite on-screen chemistry, his relationship with Meg Donnelly is strictly platonic. Thus, the mystery of Milo’s love life continues to captivate audiences.