John Stamos Bio, Wife Or Girlfriend, Net Worth, Kids, Is He Gay
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John Stamos is one of the few actors in Hollywood who has retained his characters in various films for many years after the first role. The character of Jesse Katsopolis (a name he chose himself) in the 1987 ABC sitcom Full House not only gave him much-needed popularity in Hollywood but was also taken up again in the sequel Fuller House, which was produced almost three decades later in 2016.

He is not only an actor and producer, but Stamos is also a musician and has performed with the Beach Boys. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this accomplished actor.

John Stamos Bio

On August 19, 1963, in Cypress, California, John Stamos cried his first tear when he was handed over to the family of William Stamos and Loretta Philips. It was an average family, as his father, William, was a restaurateur, while his mother, Loretta, was a model and housewife. His ethnic background is white, but he is of mixed descent (English and Irish on his mother’s side, Greek on his father’s side). The family name “Stamos” is actually a coinage from the Greek family name “Stamatopoulos”. He was not the only child born to his parents, although he is the only male child in the family. His other two siblings are his younger sisters – Alaina and Janeen Stamos – both teachers.

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John’s early life revolved mainly around his father’s business, and when it was time for high school, he attended John F. Kennedy High School, where his flair for entertainment led him to join the school band. After high school, he enrolled at Cypress College but dropped out to concentrate on becoming an actor – which turned out to be a brilliant move.


John Stamos landed his first appearance as an actor almost immediately when he began his career in the entertainment industry in 1982. He made his television debut with the role of Blackie Parrish in the long-running television series General Hospital. What looked like a stroke of luck was the original intention for his role to appear in only five episodes of the series, but the writers of the series were faced with a difficult task when his interpretation and performance of the character caused a frenzy among lovers and fans of the series.

This made it impossible for the producers to retire his character for fear of losing their audience base, so the original script was polished and his character was retained. In fact, his acting performance in the series was so good that it earned him his first Emmy nomination in 1984.

At the beginning of his acting career, they were all small-screen roles for John Stamos, and he used them properly. He got his first big role as a leading actor in 1984 with the CBS sitcom Dreams, for which he received positive reviews. But his best role was yet to come. John Stamos’ portrayal of Jesse Katsopolis in the 1987 ABC television show Full House was all he needed to sell his brand and his application to Hollywood that he had arrived. The show was his big breakthrough in the entertainment industry and ran for eight seasons between 1987 and 1995.

John Stamos appeared in several films and series, including stage productions and commercials. Some of them are Thieves (2001), Party Monster (2003), Knots (2004), Jake in Progress (2005), ER (2005-2009), Wedding Wars (2006), Secrets of Eden (2012), etc. He is currently working as part of the cast of Fuller House, where he plays the role of Jesse Katsopolis, which he already played in the 1987 Full House series.

What Is His Net Worth?

Since he is one of the most successful stars in Hollywood, his net worth is also in line with this fact. The net worth of John Stamos has been estimated by verifiable sources at $40 million. His salary is not known, but it is assumed that he is one of the top earners in the industry.

Is John Stamos Gay?

It is always the case that actors who play gay roles in films are speculated as such in retrospect. So when John Stamos took on a gay role in the film Wedding Wars in 2006, he knew exactly what was going to happen. However, film roles are not rumors on his part. Stamos was seen kissing a man openly (even though this turned out to be a kind of gag), and he is also a staunch advocate and advocate for gay rights.

Despite the speculation, we believe he is heterosexual, which can be seen from the relationships he has had so far, all of which involve the opposite sex, and so John Stamos sexual orientation is heterosexual as long as he does not respond to the rumor and assert his status as a homosexual.

Who Is His Wife Or Girlfriend? Kids

John Stamos is currently married to actress Caitlin McHugh. His marriage with her, however, was his second attempt to jump the broom. Stamos was first married to Rebecca Romijn, a model, an actress whom he met at a fashion show in 1994. Their relationship flourished until September 1998, when they got married after 10 months of engagement. Unfortunately, their relationship lasted six years before they were separated in 2004, and a year later their marriage officially ended in divorce.

His second marriage to the actress Caitlin McHugh, The Vampire Diaries, was not to take place until 14 years after the end of his first marriage. Stamos married a pregnant McHugh in February 2018 after the couple announced in December 2017 that their first child was on the way. Their first child, a son named Billy, was born on April 15, 2018.

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Other Facts About John Stamos

John Stamos explained in an interview that he had impregnated a girl at a young age and was not prepared to father the child that was to be born, which is why he made the girl terminate the pregnancy.

His marriage to his first wife, Rebecca Romijn, did not produce a child, so his first and only child is his son Billy, who was conceived with his current wife, Caitlin McHugh.

The night before her wedding to John Stamos, Caitlin McHugh’s house was broken into and all her jewelry was stolen. She appeared on her wedding day without jewelry.

Stamos is a tall man with a height of 6 feet (1.83 m), while he weighs 79 kg. His body measurements are 41-14-35 inches (chest, biceps, waist).

John has had a repertoire of affairs with several women, including Denise Richards, Demi Moore, Teri Copley, Denise Matthews (Vanity), Paula Abdul, Ingrid Sthare, Leah Marsh, Amy Poehler, etc.

He is also a musician and performs with the music group The Beach Boys.