Who Is Hareem Shah's Husband Bilal Shah? Family Kids And Net Worth

People are trying to find out more about Hareem Shah’s husband after he caught a glimpse of his wife’s stargazing activity.

The Police did some research on Hareem Shah’s husband and found out some bad things about him. Bilal Shah used to be a Police officer but he got in trouble and had to leave his job.

Hareem Shah became famous on social media for her TikTok videos where she mimed popular songs and movie lines from Pakistan. But some of her videos were very controversial and she also talked to some important people like politicians and government officials which made her even more famous.

Even though Hareem Shah has been in trouble for some things many people still like her on social media and she has millions of followers. She talks about women’s rights and wants people to be able to express themselves more in Pakistan.

Who Is Hareem Shah’s Husband Bilal Shah?

There are lots of rumors going around about Hareem Shah’s husband being involved in criminal activities and getting caught.

Lots of news sources say that Hareem Shah’s husband Bilal Shah and she have been married for a while now. Hareem Shah is famous on TikTok.

Who Is Hareem Shah's Husband Bilal Shah? Family Kids And Net Worth

Some people on social media think that Hareem Shah’s husband is Bilal Shah but nobody knows for sure.

Hareem Shah who is famous on the internet doesn’t talk much about her personal life so nobody knows much about her family or where she comes from.

The TikTok star from Pakistan who was born on December 28 1991 told everyone that she got married to a man named Bilal Shah.

MM News said that Hareem Shah got married to her boyfriend in June 2021 but she hasn’t said much about him since then.

Hareem Shah Family And Net Worth

However, some of Hareem Shah’s videos and talks with important people like politicians and government officials caused trouble and made her more famous in a bad way.

We don’t know a lot about Hareem Shah’s family or where she comes from because she doesn’t talk about her personal life. So we don’t have any information about her family that we can share with you.

It’s hard to say how much money Hareem Shah has because we don’t know exactly how she makes her money. So we can’t give you an exact number for her net worth.

Who Is Hareem Shah's Husband Bilal Shah? Family Kids And Net Worth

Hareem Shah has lots of fans on TikTok Instagram and YouTube which means she might get paid a lot of money for ads and posts from companies that want her to promote their products.

She has been in some music videos and she even created her own makeup line. These things might help her make more money and increase her net worth.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan asked people to find out how Hareem Shah got into the Foreign Office and made a video that made a lot of people upset.

In January 2021 Hareem Shah hit Mufti Qavi because they had a bad conversation. She claimed that Mufti Qavi physically harmed her and her cousin. Later in March 2021, she told the police that a friend had tried to kill her and hurt her physically.

Hareem Shah became a topic of discussion on social media in July 2021 when videos of her smoking sheesha were widely circulated.

Hareem Shah went to a religious school and her real name is Fiza Hussain. Her father’s name is Zarar Hussain Shah. She is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Philosophy at the University of Peshawar where she compares different religions.