Who Has Zoe Kravitz Dated, Who Is She Dating Right Now? Here Goes The List

Who Has Zoe Kravitz Dated, Who Is She Dating Right Now? Here Goes The List
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There’s no better time than now to talk about Zoe Kravitz and the hot guys she’s been hanging on to. Kravitz is considered one of Hollywood’s most genetically blessed starlets because of her talent and good looks, which she inherited from celebrity parents. She is a model, actress, and singer who is famous for so many things, including performing with her band called Lolawolf.

Like most celebrity children, Zoe was raised in the spotlight by her parents, who are successful in their respective fields; her mother Lisa Bonnet is an actress, while her father Lenny Kravitz is a singer. The enviable popularity of the actress over the years is also credited to the friends with whom she surrounds herself. Many of them are high-profile athletes, wealthy fashion designers, the Hollywood elite, and a whole host of beaus with deep pockets.

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Due to the glamorous and dazzling lifestyle of the model, which is widely reported in the media, her love life has always been a topic of interest to many. Zoe Kravitz, the only daughter of her parents, boasts millions of fans who are delighted with her career, her beauty, and of course her ability to win the hearts of many superstars inside and outside the show business circle despite her short time in the spotlight.

Zoe Kravitz
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Who Has Zoe Kravitz Dated – Here Goes The List

The daughter of Lisa Bonnet and Lenny Kravitz has cuddled with several guys, many of whom are prominent actors, musicians, and athletes. Her relationship with some of these wealthy individuals broke up after a few years, while her fling with some of them evaporated after a few days. Although the celebrity in the limelight did not make it onto the red carpet with some of the beauties with whom she has partnered, she was spotted at a number of star-studded events, with some of them shining smiling across the red carpet.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the hot celebrities with whom Zoe Kravitz has had romantic relationships in the past and the man with whom she is currently experiencing the best moment of her life.

Ben Foster (2007 – 2008)

Who Has Zoe Kravitz Dated, Who Is She Dating Right Now? Here Goes The List
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Then 27-year-old Foster began a relationship with Zoe sometime in August 2007, after the two had come into contact with each other at an event. Their relationship didn’t get much media attention because we assume that Kravitz, who was 19 years old at the time, had nothing to do with the spotlight, or probably because she hadn’t reached the top of show business at that time.

Zoe and Foster resigned in June 2008, barely a month before their one-year anniversary. Ben was born Benjamin Foster and is an award-winning American actor famous for his role in the 2007 drama/crime movie 3:10 after Yuma.

Andrew VanWyngarden (2008)

Zoe owes her fans an explicit explanation about her relationship with VanWyngarden, with whom she was together several times towards the end of 2008. During her romantic outings with Andrew, Kravitz made many tongues wag and even caused divided opinions about her closeness to the singer. Sadly, the couple’s relationship broke off without a word from either of them. Could it be that nothing serious happened between them or that their love boat secretly crashed? Andrew and Zoe have the answer, and we are prepared to wait until they satisfy our curiosity. VanWyngarden is a Grammy-nominated guitarist, songwriter, and lead singer of the American rock band MGMT.

Ezra Miller (2010)

Zoe Kravitz Miller
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Kravitz was romantically connected with the actor Ezra Miller. The duo allegedly dated in 2010 and crushed their love relationship in the same year. Again, their relationship was not in the spotlight for any reason but fizzled out quietly and without any controversy.

Zoe Kravitz And Penn Badgley (2011)

Zoe Kravitz and Penn
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After the separation from Miller, the actress’s next stop was at the door of Penn Badgley. They made their debut as a couple in the summer of 2011, but the two decided to go their separate ways after two years in order to give their respective careers maximum attention. Penn Badgley is best known for her portrayal of the fictional character Dan Humphrey in the television series Gossip Girl. He is a musician and actor and was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States of America.

Drake (2013)

Zoe Kravitz and Ddrake
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Although Zoe has seriously suppressed rumors of her date with Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham, popularly known by his stage name Drake, she still has to convince the public that she and the rapper had nothing in common back then. At the moment we are patiently waiting for Drake to deny or confirm the rumor.

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Noah Gabriel Becker (2014)

Zoe Kravitz Becker
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Zoe Kravitz and Becker became a couple in 2014 and separated in the same year that the two failed to keep the love between them burning.

Twin Shadow (2015)

Who Has Zoe Kravitz Dated, Who Is She Dating Right Now? Here Goes The List
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Next on Zoe’s timeline is George Lewis Jr, popularly known as the Twin Shadow. The duo began as musical partners and also collaborated on a song that they performed in May of the same year.

Apart from the above mentioned, the singer/model has also been associated with Michael Fassbender (2010 – 2011), James Levy (2012), and Chris Pine (September 2014).

Who Is Zoe Kravitz Dating Right Now?

Karl Glusman (2016 – present)

Zoe Kravitz Karl Gulsman
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The unreserved actress and her handsome admirer Karl have been together since September 2016. According to their Instagram accounts, the two lovers are in love and are very much in love, having attended a number of high-profile events together.

Glusman was born on January 3, 1988, in the Bronx, New York City, and is an actor who began exploring the film industry in 2008. He is best known for his role in the 2015 drama Love.