Who Are Oscar Desgagnés Parents? Catherine De Seve And Frank Desgagnes

Oscar Desgagnés parents Catherine De Seve and Frank Desgagnes are happy to see their son’s acting career grow. Oscar started acting when he was 11 years old in a movie called “L’Arracheuse de temps.” Francis Leclerc was the director of the movie.

He is a fantastic kid actor from Montréal. His mom is an actress named Catherine De Seve and his dad is a photographer who takes beautiful pictures called Frank Desgagnes.

Oscar Desgagnes is a talented actor to keep an eye on! He started acting when he was just 11 years old in a movie called “L’Arracheuse de temps” directed by Francis Leclerc in 2021. In the movie, he played the role of Fred Pellerin who was his favorite storyteller.

Oscar acted like a kid version of the character that Pier-Luc Funk played in a movie called Plan B in 2017.

He played the main character named Max in a movie called Coco Ferme which will come out in 2023. This showed that he really likes acting because he likes to tell stories through it.

A young actor will be in a movie called “Chien et chat” in 2024. The movie is being made by Reem Kherici and will be shown in France by Gaumont.

Desgagnés is a boy who really loves soccer and enjoys making people laugh.

Who Are Oscar Desgagnés Parents? Meet Catherine De Seve And Frank Desgagnes

As we said before Oscar was born in 2009 and his parents are really kind and caring. They live in Montreal and raised him there.

Oscar’s mother had him at home with the help of a midwife and it only took 50 minutes for him to be born!

Oscar’s parents have cool jobs! His mom Catherine De Seve is an actress producer and director. His dad Frank Desgagnes is a cinematographer.

Oscar’s mom and dad work in show business and now Oscar seems to be interested in doing the same thing.

Since their son is also in the same line of work they know how busy and fast-paced it can be in the entertainment world. They fully support him and encourage him to do his best.

Oscar Desgagnes with his entire family

In addition Oscar’s dad Frank takes pictures of art and makes movies.

On the other hand, Oscar’s mom Catherine De Seve grew up in Montreal and now she lives in Toronto Montreal, and Los Angeles.

She was nominated for two Gémeaux Awards and she became an actress by performing in the French version of the British comedy series called “Le Sketch Show” in 2004.

Also, the actress played a character named Anas Provencher on the popular show “L’auberge du chien noir” for around 15 years.

Catherine’s newest acting jobs in English include playing Mrs. Allston on “The Handmaid’s Tale” in 2017 being in a comedy series called “Bria Mack Gets A Life” that hasn’t come out yet and playing Sally Wells in “Saying Yes to Christmas” in 2021.

Also when she isn’t working the actress likes to go to her cottage with her husband Frank and their son.

Furthermore, Oscar Desgagnés’ parents got married in 2012 and they have stayed together ever since.

It looks like their marriage is based on love support and patience. The family of three is happy and we wish them good luck and happiness.

A Look At Oscar Desgagnés Professional Career

Just like other kids who act Oscar Desgagnes is a young person with big dreams in the entertainment industry.

Who Are Oscar Desgagnés Parents? Catherine De Seve And Frank Desgagnes

Even though he’s only 13 years old Oscar Desgagnes has already been in three different acting jobs.

He started acting on screen in 2021 with a movie called “L’Arracheuse de temps” and then he acted in “Coco Ferme” and “Plan B” in 2023.

Also, Oscar is working on another acting job called “Chien et chat” which is still being made but will be done soon.