Where Is Steve Allen Going After Leaving LBC Station? Illness And Health Update

Steve Allen who hosted an early morning show on LBC radio has left the show suddenly. This news has surprised many people who are now wondering where he will be going next.

Steve Allen is a famous radio host who works on the early morning show at LBC radio. He is not the same person as the late American TV personality and actor Steve Allen. Recently Steve Allen suddenly stopped hosting his show and many people are wondering where he went.

LBC radio listeners may have noticed that Steve Allen is not on his usual radio show.

Steve Allen was a radio host for many years and would talk to listeners in the morning. He left LBC suddenly without saying goodbye on the radio. He had worked at LBC for 44 years before leaving.

Allen’s fans are curious about why he left his radio show and want to know what he’s doing now. In this article, we’ll talk about his new plans and why he left the show. Some people are also worried about his health.

Where Is Steve Allen Going After Leaving LBC Station?

Steve Allen a famous broadcaster announced on Twitter that he would be leaving his morning radio show. The show airs from 4 am to 7 am from Sundays to Fridays.

In the morning Steve Allen talked about the news stories from the morning newspapers on his radio show. He started working for LBC in 1979 and used to present the Night Extra program.

Where Is Steve Allen Going After Leaving LBC Station? Illness And Health Update

Steve Allen posted on Twitter that he would be leaving LBC soon. He explained that his contract was almost over and he decided to step down from the show after discussing it. He thanked all his listeners for their support over the past 44 years and said it was an honor and privilege to be on the radio.

Global the parent company of LBC radio also confirmed that Steve Allen was leaving the show. They thanked him for his long service to commercial radio which lasted for 44 years. He is one of the longest-serving radio presenters in the UK.

Steve Allen who is 68 years old hasn’t told us yet about what he’s going to do next in his career. He may want to take some time off to be with his family.

People are very curious about who will take over Steve Allen’s radio show after he left. The radio station hasn’t announced the new host yet. Last time Steve Allen took a break Richard Spurr filled in for him.

Steve Allen Illness And Health Update

He got sick at the beginning of 2021 and had to take a break from his radio show. A lot of people were worried about him and wished him a speedy recovery.

Steve Allen a radio show host took a break from his show in 2021 because he was unwell. He thanked his fans for their support and promised to return soon. However, he did not say what was wrong with him and neither did the radio station.

Where Is Steve Allen Going After Leaving LBC Station? Illness And Health Update

In September 2017 Steve Allen told everyone that he had diabetes.

Some people on the internet have said that Steve Allen might have cancer but nobody official has confirmed this. We hope that these rumors are not true and that Steve is feeling well.

Steve Allen’s Net Worth And Career

Steve Allen had a long career in radio spanning almost 50 years. During this time he became very famous and probably earned a lot of money.

We don’t know how much money Steve Allen has but radio hosts in England can make between $30K to $76K each year.

However, because of Steve’s fame and success, it’s likely that he made more money than the average radio host. We hope he continues to be successful in the future.