Kylie Strickland: Who is She And Why Was She Arrested

Kylie Strickland: Who is She And Why Was She Arrested: She’s a woman who became famous on TikTok because of a video she posted. Unfortunately, she got into trouble because the video showed her exposing herself to a young person. This was against the law and she was arrested for it. Now Kylie wants to stay out of trouble and get her life back on track.

How Many Followers Does Kylie Strickland Have?

She is someone who shares pictures and news about her life on Instagram where she has more than 62000 people following her. On TikTok, she has 280000 followers and 7 million likes for her videos where she moves her mouth to the words of popular songs. Kylie keeps her Instagram account secret but some people are talking about her TikTok account being banned.

Where Does Kylie Strickland Come From?

The person who made the content comes from a place called Lagrange in Georgia. We don’t know exactly where they live who their family is or who they love.

What Caused Kylie Strickland’s Arrest?

A girl went swimming with people she didn’t know while wearing a bathing suit. She recorded a video and posted it like she usually does but two young people in the video saw her chest area and thought it was not appropriate. On June 29th someone told the Pike County Sheriff’s Office and she got arrested on June 30th. She was charged with a crime because she shared a video that had something inappropriate in it that minors saw.

When Kylie tried to explain herself she said “It’s not my fault if other people don’t teach their kids well. The boys have seen things like this before.” But she is still in jail and waiting for her hearing.