Where Is Stephanie Waldref Going After Leaving KOLD? Husband David Schoonhoven And Kids

Stephanie Waldref is a meteorologist from the United States who has been with the KOLD since June 2018. Is she going to leave the network? Let’s find out where Stephanie Waldref is going after she leaves KOLD.

Stephanie Waldref is a well-known meteorologist who has appeared on KOLD/KMSB. However, she has been the subject of media speculation since Stephanie announced her departure from the network.

Waldref worked as a morning meteorologist for KOLD News 13. She had been with the news station for over four years.

She used to work at the beach in Wilmington North Carolina. She stated that she had an amazing experience at the Beach and found working there to be beautiful.

Waldref has made contributions to the profession since the beginning of her career. She finished her higher education and began covering her home state’s cold harsh winters at the NBC affiliate in Minot.

Where Is Stephanie Waldref Going After Leaving KOLD?

Stephanie Waldref has become a worried fan as she prepares to leave the KOLD. In a Facebook post, she announced her departure from KOLD.

“I’ve never been one to sugarcoat or beat around the bush so here it is: my last day on KOLD News 13 Live This Morning FOX11 Daybreak and 13 News Live at Nine will be February 28” Stephanie said.

Wow, I never thought I’d type those words out she added. I guess it’s official now. As soon as the Meteorologist announced her departure on social media people began to wonder where she was going and what her future plans were.

Where Is Stephanie Waldref Going After Leaving KOLD? Husband David Schoonhoven And Kids
Stephanie Waldref shares her departure from KOLD through an Instagram post

Unfortunately, she has yet to reveal her future plans including whether she will stay in the same field or seek new opportunities.

Stephanie as we all know has been active in the field for many years so she may be taking a break from her professional career to spend more time with her family.

Because there are no specific details about her plans we speculated that we might see Stephanie on other shows.

Stephanie Waldref Husband, David Schoonhoven, And Kids

Stephanie Waldref has a happy marriage to David Schoonhoven. On April 21, 2018, the couple married.

Likewise, the wedding took place at Wilmington’s ST Thomas Preservation Hall. Their close friends and families were present at the ceremony.

Furthermore, the lovely birds are currently residing in Tucson Arizona. David is a Fastanela and the couple has a daughter who turned ten months old three days ago.

Where Is Stephanie Waldref Going After Leaving KOLD? Husband David Schoonhoven And Kids
Stephanie Waldref and her husband on the day of their wedding.

Waldref and David are expecting their first child on April 29, 2022. Aside from that the couple has two dogs and the meteorologist is a pet lover having brought her pet to the station several times.

Stephanie Waldref Weight Loss

Stephanie Waldref appears to have lost weight as she was previously chubby. She hasn’t discussed her weight loss but her body has changed since giving birth to her daughter.

Waldref must have adhered to diet plans because she has lost a significant amount of weight in the last few months. Exploring her previous images reveals a significant difference in her appearance.

People have also stated that she has lost weight as a result of the changes. Despite all of the rumors about her weight loss Waldref has remained silent on the subject. We believe she prioritizes her health in addition to her professional career.