Where Is Corinne Mair Now? Bradley Hope Mother Calling For Change

Where Is Corinne Mair Now? Bradley Hope Mother Calling For Change: What happened to Corinne Mair? Bradley Hope, her 16-year-old son, died in 2019. She was determined that her son’s death after inhaling an aerosol would not be in vain.

Corinne Mair is the mother of Bradley Hope, who died in late 2019 after inhaling aerosol deodorant.

Bradley was remembered as a lovely and devoted young man who died after using an inhalant with colleagues during a sleepover on New South Wales’s far north coast.

There is widespread agreement about the circumstances of his death, but his mother, Corinne Mair, fought for an investigation in order to “avoid another young life like Bradley’s being lost.”

Where Is Corinne Mair Now?

Corinne Mair currently resides in New South Wales. According to Yahoo, she lost her son Bradley John Hope at a sleepover on December 8, 2019, after making the tragic mistake of attempting “chroming” (inhaling Rexona).

Corinne stated that her son attempted chroming Rexona for the first time, but suffered a fatal heart attack and was unable to be saved.

Bradley, a healthy young man, died after his heart stopped due to the hazardous ingredients in Rexona. Bradley was the sixth Australian child to die as a result of inhaling Rexona.

Where Is Corinne Mair Now? Bradley Hope Mother Calling For Change

Rexona has acknowledged that its product has been linked to these deaths, but no public education, proper labelling, or branding has occurred.

Instead of addressing the fundamental issue of product toxicity, the Company has chosen to frame it as a social issue.

Bradley’s older brother, Koby, told A Current Affair that none of his friends with Bradley that night had ever tried chroming.

Despite admitting that Corinne’s son “had a role to play” in his death, she blames Rexona for his death. She has also met with representatives from Unilever, Rexona’s parent company.

She claimed that Unilever, the product’s parent company, admitted responsibility for six deaths, including Bradley’s.

Bradley Hope Mother Calling For Change

Corinne Mair, Bradley Hope’s mother, is calling for more action to educate children about the dangers of chroming.

Bradley Hope’s mother was adamant that her son’s death would not be in vain after he inhaled an aerosol.

Following Bradley’s death, Ms. Mair met with executives from Rexona’s parent company, Unilever, urging them to do more to educate teens about the dangers of chroming, improve warning labels on cans, and replace the contents of its product, which is popular among teen ‘chrome.’

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Corinne Mair said at an inquest into her 16-year-old son’s accidental death that there must be answers or ways to stop this. “As a community, we cannot afford to lose another young life in this manner,” she added.

In the first of its kind, NSW State Coroner Teresa O’Sullivan issued extensive and urgent recommendations to combat the trend of inhalant use, also known as “volatile substance misuse,” in the first inquest of its kind.

O’Sullivan proposed in a roundtable discussion that NSW Health includes the police, education department, paramedics, manufacturers, merchants, and youth and community services.

A public health campaign, parental and child education initiatives, potential inhalant sales regulations, and improved training for law enforcement and paramedics should all be considered by the roundtable.

Ms. O’Sullivan also advised manufacturers to continue looking for new, safer products, while the Aerosol Association of Australia investigated the effectiveness of warning labels on containers.