That's how long
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That’s how much work the “Perfect Addiction” stars put into their roles! Everyone is currently talking about Kiana Madeira (30), Ross Butler (32), and Matthew Noszka (30): The three stood in front of the camera for the love drama and are now delighting the fans in the cinemas. But the film made a lot of demands on the stars: They had to be fit in mixed martial arts! But how long have they been training for their sporting roles? Kiana and Ross revealed that in the Celebily interview!

That's how long "Perfect Addiction" stars have been training for roles
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The two stars of the film made it clear to Celebily: They were in top form even before the shooting! “I trained for eight weeks – eight weeks of workouts and combat training. Luckily I’ve been training for years,” revealed the 30-year-old. Her co-star also prepared for his role with two sports units a day for around eight weeks. Ross even had some MMA experience, having performed Capoeira, Jeet Kune Do and Escrima on the mat.

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The fight scenes certainly weren’t always without danger for the “Perfect Addiction” stars either. Celebrity, therefore, wanted to know whether Kiana or Ross injured themselves while working on the set: “Everything went pretty smoothly,” said the 32-year-old. Kiana was also spared injuries: “I did all my stunts myself. That was pretty cool,” she added proudly.