Tennessee Mom Missing Case Update: Tiffany Holbert Murder News Continues to Trend
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Tennessee Mom Missing Case Update: Tiffany Holbert Murder News Continues to Trend: The disappearance of Tiffany Holbert a 46-year-old mother of five from Dunlap Tennessee on June 13, 2018, continues to be a topic of interest with her murder news trending online.

Despite extensive searches by the Dunlap Police Department and the public’s assistance Holbert has not been found yet.

Speculations on Holbert’s Murder News

As the search for Holbert continues many people have speculated that she may have been murdered. Reddit users have created multiple threads discussing her disappearance with some suggesting that one of the men in her life might have been involved. However, none of these details have been confirmed by the official department yet.

Updates on the Investigation

Geramie Campbell Holbert’s boyfriend was reportedly the last person seen with her and the police have found enough evidence to make him a suspect. Campbell has not been charged yet and the investigation is ongoing.

Holbert’s disappearance was also featured on an episode of Cold Justice a true-crime series that focuses on unsolved crimes. However, the investigation has not yielded any significant breakthroughs yet.

Holbert’s Last Known Movements

On the day of her disappearance, Holbert was seen on an ATM camera getting into a vehicle with Campbell. The vehicle was reportedly spotted on Industrial Park Drive and they drove off together.

Campbell initially denied any knowledge of Holbert’s whereabouts but later changed his story saying that they had an argument and he let her out of the car.

Suspects and Other Details

Aside from Campbell investigators have also considered Gloria Paulet Campbell’s mother a possible suspect. Paulet reportedly had a history of conflicts with Holbert and the two had a physical altercation at a car wash a few days before Holbert disappeared.

However, Paulet was later removed from the list of suspects.

Despite the lack of breakthroughs, the Dunlap Police Department remains committed to finding Holbert and bringing closure to her family. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is urged to contact the police.

In conclusion, the search for Tiffany Holbert the missing Tennessee mom continues with her murder news trending online. While speculations and possible suspects have emerged the investigation remains ongoing and no one has been charged yet. The police and the public continue to hope for a breakthrough in the case and to find Holbert soon.