Takeoff’s Music Success With Migos and How Much He Is Worth Now

Takeoff’s Music Success With Migos and How Much He Is Worth Now
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The Migos would not be what it is without the presence of the third member, Takeoff. He may be the most unpopular musician of the ensemble, but there is no doubt that he has played a decisive role in making the group one of the most dominant musical actors in the world. With his own extravagant personal style, the rapper has contributed to the group becoming style icons, cultural designers, and hip-hop trend influencers. From his family background to the achievements of his music career, you can learn more about Takeoff’s Music Success With Migos and How Much He Is Worth Now

TakeOff’s Fact Card

How Is Takeoff Related to Other Migos Members?

Takeoff (Kirshnik Khari Ball) is the youngest member of Migos, he was born on June 18th, 1994 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He has an American nationality and African-American ethnicity. There are few details about the rapper’s immediate family. He is, however, a direct relative of Migos colleagues, Quavo and Offset. Quavo is his uncle, while Offset is his cousin.

These three talented young men all grew up together in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, and were raised by Takeoff’s mother (Quavo’s older sister). As a child, Takeoff had a natural gift for rap, starting making beats and developing musical rhythms at the age of nine. His overwhelming talents soon caught the attention of his two relatives, and they decided to include him in their music group, originally known as Polo Club.

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Breakthrough and Musical Exploits with Migos

The Migos started their musical career in 2008, but only released their first mixtape, Jung Season, in 2011. The project didn’t find much response, but the trio didn’t let themselves be put off. They pursued their craft passionately and dropped their second mixtape, No Label, in June 2012. This particular work went much better and the group became famous all over Atlanta.

After the release of their 2013 hit single “Versace”, they gained national attention. The song extolled their love of articles from the revered Italian fashion house and reached 99th place on Billboard hot 100, becoming even more popular after Drake remixed it and performed his version at several concerts.

Takeoff’s Music Success With Migos and How Much He Is Worth Now
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Since this little help from Drizzy, the Migos are on the rise. They have released several albums and mixtapes, including Culture and Culture II, both of which debuted at the top of the Billboard Top 200 album charts. The group has also released several hit singles including “Bad and Boujee”, “Stir Fry”, “MotorSport” and “Walk It Talk It”.

Takeoff’s Contributions Towards the Success of the Group

Like other members of Migos, Takeoff is known for his crazy beats, his versatility, and his ability to produce groovy music from scratch. However, some critics question his contribution to the group and have even called him Migos’ Michelle Williams. But the fact is that he contributes a significant part of the trap harmonies that we all appreciate so much.

Moreover, the takeoff played a crucial role in stabilizing the ship when Offset went to jail. In April 2015, the group was arrested and charged with several offenses, including possession of firearms and marijuana. Quavo and Takeoff got deals in the criminal case and escaped from prison because they had no criminal record. Offset, however, had criminal records and spent eight months in jail.

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How Rich Is Takeoff Compared To The Other Migos Members?

There are different figures regarding Takeoff’s Net worth. Some sources put it at $16 million, while others put it at $26 million. Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that the rapper leads a good life, as his luxurious outfits prove. Takeoff makes his fortune mainly through his career with the Migos; the group has sold hundreds of thousands of records. They also earn at least $60,000 with every public appearance.

Apart from music, the Migos have also tried their hand at various other businesses. They have a clothing brand known as The Migos Brand. They have also teamed up with fast-food chains Popeyes and Uber Eat to launch their menu. The Migos menu offers four different meals and is available in Canada and the United States.

Other Migos members, Quavo and Offset, also have an estimated net worth of $16 million each. The duo earned their fortunes from album sales, concert revenue, sponsorship deals, and the group’s business ventures. Offset is experienced in business and has invested its money in various areas including real estate and sports. The rapper has turned over up to five houses in the city of Atlanta and booked a tidy sum as profit.