Steven Spielberg turned down an offer to direct Harry Potter

He had good reasons! Steven Spielberg (76) is considered a director veteran and has been involved in many Hollywood productions. For example, through his involvement behind the camera, he was largely responsible for the success of films such as Jurassic Park or “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial”. In fact, the father of six was even asked to direct the first Harry Potter part. That’s why Steven decided against the attractive offer!

Steven Spielberg 2
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In a talk with fellow director SS Rajamouli for Reliance Entertainment, the now 76-year-old says: “My wife and I were just starting a family at the time to move to another country. I decided against it.” Steven said he didn’t have his family around him every day, which he couldn’t have imagined.

Destry Allyn Spielberg with her parents Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw
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The ‘Jurassic Park director explains: “Not just ‘Harry Potter’ – there were a lot of attractive offers that I didn’t take.” The film mogul seems certain: “Looking back today, I’m very glad that I didn’t take the opportunity because it allowed me to be with my family.”