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Steve Zaragoza is a social media personality known for his activities on YouTube. He has a channel on which he performs a unique style of comedy. He has many fans, followers, and subscribers, and many of them are eager to learn more about Steve’s personal and professional life. Here you will find interesting details about the professional and personal life of this YouTube personality.

Who is Steve Zaragoza? – Bio and Age

Zaragoza is a YouTube personality and host of web series. He is also a singer/songwriter and has a number of tracks/albums to his credit. He is the inventor of the dance movement known as Endless 2-Step. He was born on June 9, 1982, in Oxnard, California, and has an older brother named Frank Zaragoza. Before becoming very popular, Steve worked as a sound designer for Sony and also worked in the sound department for the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009), for which he received recognition for sound department.

Steve made his first appearance in 2008 for Buckcherry’s music video Too Drunk, entitled Too Drunk. He is best known for his work on the new series SourceFed, which he initially joined as a recurring presenter and has grown over time to become a full-time co-presenter. On his personal YouTube channel, he enjoys performing a unique comedy style combining dark, dry, surreal, character, and sketch comedies.

In 2011, Steve Zaragoza appeared in an episode of the television series 1000 Ways to Die, and in February 2013 he was awarded the Audience Choice Stream Award along with Philip Defranco and his SourceFed co-presenters. Also in May 2013, he became co-host of the spin-off channel SourceFedNERD.

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Steve Zaragoza has frequently collaborated with the YouTube personality, the Danish Boedighemeir, in his videos and has also been a frequent guest speaker on Boedighemeir’s The Annoying Orange. He played the lead in Misfortune of Being Nerd and also in The Marshmallow Show, an offshoot of The Annoying Orange. Steve released an album called Animals, which included not only his original songs but also songs from other web personalities.

In 2017 he announced that he would release an internet series, and in the same year, he released the internet series called Torty Cloud. Lee Newton, Joe Berek, and Elliot Morgan, who are part of Steve Zaragoza’s SourceFed team, founded The Valleyfolk, a YouTube channel, and production company. The channel was launched in 2018, and Steve and his team are currently working on the channel to produce content for their fans.

Is Steve Zaragoza Married? Wife, Divorce

The YouTube personality was married to Sara Zaragoza in 2006 after the two had been together for several years. In 2015, Steve Zaragoza and his wife Sara Zaragoza ended their nine-year marriage. Neither party said anything about the reasons for their divorce and never talked about it.


There was a rumor that Steve Zaragoza had a relationship with his Internet colleague Bree Essrig after his divorce from his wife Sara Zaragoza. Both parties had posted pictures of each other’s social media platforms. They also hang around, which, although it may not say anything, could be an indication that the rumors might have been true at some point.

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Things don’t seem to work out between the duo anymore, as they didn’t follow up on each other on Instagram and other social media sites, but the news about their affair was neither confirmed nor denied at first and therefore remains a rumor.

Bree Essrig, whose full name is Breeana Danielle, was born on April 21, 1990. She is an American actress, writer, and YouTuber. She is currently the host of the YouTube channel SourceFed and is known for her comics. Her relationship with SourceFed began in 2015 when she joined them as a web host. In the same year, she also started writing and producing her own comics and starred in series such as the sketch comedy series called Nuclear Family.

She has her own personal YouTube channel “BREEessrig”, which offers sketch comedy, video blogging, and advice videos on topics such as bullying, mental illness, sexual assault, and other evils in society. This interesting feature has brought her a subscriber base of over 300,000 people, and she has also collected 19 million hits from her various channels and websites for her sketches.

Bree also has a healthy following in social media and was mentioned by Seventeen Magazine as a “remarkable comedienne.