Stephen Gostkowski Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Kids, Family, Measurements

Stephen Gostkowski is a renowned placeholder in American football, who became a celebrity after being called up by the New England Patriots (NEP) in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft.

Over 12 years, Gostkowski has proven and shown football fans that he has everything it takes to be an American football legend. Throughout his career as an incredible place-kicker for the New England Patriots, Stephen has won two Super Bowls and lost one, and is always ready to sell his skills and strategy on the field.

Gostkowski, known as the most accurate kicker for the Patriots and the third most accurate kicker in the National Football League (NFL), has scored incredible points and is currently the highest average score per scorer. In his honor, he is the man behind the longest field goal in the Patriots’ history.

Stephen Gostkowski
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In this article, we bring to light everything you need to know about the Patriots’ football star, including lesser-known facts you won’t find anywhere else.

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Stephen Gostkowski Biography

Celebrated by the New England Patriots, Stephen Gostkowski was born on January 28, 1984, as Stephen Carroll Gostkowski in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the United States, the son of supposedly wealthy American parents Larry Gostkowski and Cindy Gostkowski. His star sign is Aquarius. Stephen is also called “Beaver” – a nickname he got because he lost two of his front teeth playing hockey when he was a little boy.

He completed his high school education at Madison Central High School in Madison, where he went to the University of Memphis to study. Before graduating from high school in 2002, Stephen was a well-known athlete who performed impressively in baseball and football matches. After receiving admission to the College of Sports and Sports Science, he was elected to the Memphis Tigers soccer team and the university baseball team respectively.

His big break came in 2006 when he turned pro and was drafted by the New England Patriots in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. Since that breakthrough, Gostkowski has climbed higher and higher than many would imagine.

As an experienced player, Stephen has received numerous rewards and awards for being one of the best players the NFL has ever produced. His consistency and skill on the field have also earned him the admiration of an overwhelming number of fans both inside and outside America.

Family – Wife, and Kids

Stephen Gostkowski’s wife, Hallie Gostkowski (née Swearingen), is one of the happiest women in the world. While most accomplished men find it difficult to manage their fame and fortune, Shark’s husband seems to be different. Superkicker Stephen and Hallie met while studying, the love story began in an anatomy class where the perfect couple developed a love for each other for the first time. After graduating from the University of Memphis as a nurse in 2006, the couple made the Covenant of Love on April 19, 2008.

Gostkowski’s wife was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She received her high school education at the prestigious Houston High School in Germantown, Tennessee. She has two lovely sons (Slayden Kyle and Gannon William) and a daughter with the kicker of the New England Patriots.

Stephen Gostkowski Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Kids, Family, Measurements
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Unlike most celebrity players, Stephen loves his wife, who works as a nurse in Boston, and the children to the bone. After staying happily together for over eighteen years, their love story has inspired younger couples time and again. Steph and Hallie live their lives to the fullest, travel to the most amazing places around the world, and make themselves the most amazing parents of their children.

In a lighter sense, Gostkowski is heterosexual, he has no girlfriend and has never been involved in sensitive rumors and controversy.

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Gostkowski Net Worth and Measurements

When you look as good as Stephen Gostkowski, counting and rolling in millions wouldn’t be a big deal. In recent years, the legendary kicker’s assets have increased by 50 percent – not least thanks to personal investments, remuneration from contracts, and other efforts.

His annual salary is estimated at 4 million dollars, while his net assets are 18 million dollars. Despite these impressive figures, Stephen has plans to increase his income and maintain his position as one of the highest-paid kickers in the NFL.

New England Patriots American football player Gostkowski is not only good-looking, but he is also stunningly beautiful (Hallie is very lucky). His perfect physique is complemented by a reasonable height of 1.85 m and a weight of 98 kg.