Stan Walker children: Does Stan Walker Have Children?

Stan Walker is a famous person from New Zealand. He is a singer actor and TV personality. In 2009 he won a TV show called Australian Idol. After he won he signed with a company called Sony Music Australia to make music.

In the last ten years, Stan Walker has become a very popular person in New Zealand. People like him a lot because he is proud of his Maori culture and people he has a good sense of humor he is humble and he enjoys life. He inspires other musicians and actors.

Stan Walker has had a lot of success as an artist in New Zealand. He has won many awards for his music including eight gold singles and five platinum singles. Some of his songs have even gone double or triple platinum!

Stan Walker has been nominated for a lot of music awards including eight in New Zealand and five in Australia. He won the Waiata Mori Award three times for having the most popular song on the radio in 2010 2011 and 2015. That’s three years in a row!

Who are Stan Walker’s children?

Stan Walker and his wife Lou Tyson have two children. They recently announced that they are expecting another baby. They have kept the youngest child’s life private for now so not much is known about him.

Stan Walker loves Te Puuwairua who is his stepson just as if he were his own. Before he became a singer and a superstar his dream was to be a husband and a father. He has realized this dream as he now has a wife and two children.