Selfie shows Gabby Petito's bruised face just before the murder

Gabby Petito‘s horrifying murder made some headlines in 2021. The blogger was killed by her fiancé Brian Laundrie while on a road trip. The strange circumstances of the death caused a lot of speculation on the internet. Numerous videos and photos had come to light, which ultimately even cleared up the case. A new photo has now been released – the selfie shows Gabby’s scratched face just days before she disappeared!

Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito

In the picture, which The Sun has, you can see the 22-year-old’s fears: With tear-filled eyes, she looks sadly into her camera. Red scratches and bloody scratches run down the right side of her face. As the online magazine reports, the self-portrait was taken two minutes before an emergency call was made by a passer-by who had observed the couple arguing. At the time, the caller said that Brian had repeatedly hit his girlfriend.

Gabby Petito

However, the police officers had not taken the American’s injuries seriously enough. According to the victim’s family, officials should have alerted them to signs of physical violence. The Petitos went to court last year and sued the state. As People reported at the time, the parents demanded damages of around 49 million euros.