Scott Foley Wife, Family, Kids, Height, Relationship With Jennifer Garner
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Scott Foley knew at a very young age exactly what he wanted to do with his life; namely to act. Because of his passion Foley never really considered getting a college degree as he switched to acting right after high school. Scott would later become a phenomenal Hollywood actor, screenwriter, and director. He is famous for his outstanding interpretation of roles in television series such as Felicity and Scandal.

Bio of Scott Foley

The big chunk of a man was born on 15 July 1972 in Kansas City, Kansas, as Scott Kellerman Foley. He was born the son of an international banker named Hugh Foley (his father) and Connie Foley (his mother). Scott grew up with his two younger male siblings, one of whom is named Sean Foley. Because of the nature of Scott’s father’s work his family spent several years in Japan and also in Australia. Scott was quite young when he lived in Japan, so he speaks fluent Japanese. The Foley family finally returned to the USA and settled in St. Louis, Missouri. A few months later, however, Connie died of ovarian cancer. Scott was about 15 years old when his mother’s unfortunate death occurred, and was severely traumatized by it.

In addition, this tragic event for some unknown reason strained the relationship between Scott and his father. However, some sources suggest that Scott to some extent blamed his father’s continued travel and resulting absence for the deterioration in his mother’s health. He said she would have had a better chance of fighting cancer if the object of her affection had always been by her side to comfort her and not to travel the world working.

Although the Foleys are Americans, they are also of Northern European descent with English, German, Irish and Scottish ancestors. According to the facts, some of the Foleys’ ancestors were prominent men. While one of them, Samuel Wardell, was a defendant in the Salem witch trials, another named Simon Wardell fought in the Revolutionary War in George Washington’s elite Life Guard troop.

For his education, Scott attended Ladue Horton Watkins High School in Ladue, Missouri. However, he graduated from Clayton High School in Clayton, Missouri.

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Scott Foley Career Growth

Foley has been active in Hollywood since 1995 and has continued to grow in strength. He achieved prominence through his leading role as Noel Crane in J. J. Abrams’ Felicity (1998-2002). Scott would then be nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the “Choice Movie Villain” category. He was nominated for his role in the film “Schrei 3”.

He played the role of Henry Burton in 15 episodes of Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy (2010-2012). Scott Foley also played the role of captain Jake Ballard in Scandal (2013-2018). In 2003, he was involved in the production of the American sitcom A.U.S.A., in which he was an actor.

Foley has also starred in 2 Broadway productions and is currently set to play the lead role in the upcoming drama series from ABC entitled Whiskey Cavalier. Although the start of the series was billed for 2018, the series will not be released until 2019. As mentioned above, Foley is also a director. In 2013 he wrote and directed an American black comedy entitled Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife’s Wife.

Height And Body Measurements

Scott stands high at a height of 1,85 m, which is about 1,85 m 1 inch. At this height, he weighs about 80 kg or 176 pounds according to many online sources, while his chest, waist, and biceps are 41, 33, and 14 inches respectively.

Family: Wife, Kids, And Relationship With Jennifer Garner

Scott Foley is currently married to the Polish-American actress Marika Dominczyk. His wife is the sister of Dagmara Dominczyk who is also an actress and is married to the American actor Patrick Wilson. Scott became engaged to Marika sometime in 2006, but finally married her in June 2007 and their beautiful wedding was a private wedding attended only by close friends and relatives. It took place in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Scott and Marika are blessed with three delightful children, a daughter named Malina and sons named Keller and Konrad.

Before Foley’s marriage to Marika, he was married to the delicious Jennifer Garner for 3 years. Jennifer is an award-winning American actress with countless filmographic credits to her name. Foley met Jennifer sometime in 1998 on the set of Felicity, and after being together for about two years, they got married on October 19, 2000. sadly, Foley and Jennifer separated in March 2003 and were divorced about a year later, after Jennifer filed for divorce in May 2003. When asked why they got divorced, Jennifer was quoted as saying they simply imploded. It was probably because they were quite young when they got married and did not really know what they were getting into.

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Scott Foley Net Worth

Scott Foley is currently worth over USD 5 million. Frankly, that’s amazing when you consider that at some point in his life he worked at Mrs. Fields Cookies and was so broke that he lived on leftover cookies. His success story is indeed an inspiration to many, showing that diligence and hard work are the sure ways to succeed.