Home Media personality Ryan Higa Bio, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Arden Cho and Family Life

Ryan Higa Bio, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Arden Cho and Family Life

Ryan Higa Bio, Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Arden Cho and Family Life
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Ryan Higa is a talented and recognized YouTube celebrity. He is also an actor and comedian. Ryan’s Youtube site – Nigahiga – currently has over 20 million subscribers and has been viewed over 3 billion times. It is currently the 31st most subscribed account on YouTube.

From 2009-2011, his Youtube channel was actually the most subscribed channel on Youtube for 677 consecutive days. The only channel that ever beat this record is PewDiePie, which is currently the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

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Ryan Higa Bio & Age

Ryan Higa was born on 6 June 1990 in Hilo, Hawaii. He is of Japanese descent, his family comes from Okinawa.

The actor started taking judo lessons at a young age and has a black belt. He was also a wrestler in high school and attended Waiakea High School, which he graduated from in 2008.

Family Life

Ryan takes additional measures to ensure that his family is not affected by his fame. He has very supportive parents, Luci Higa and Wendell Higa, who encourage him He also has an older brother, Kyle, who is a radiologist.

In addition, not much is known about his family life as he makes sure that the family gets their privacy from his fans.

Ryan Higa Career

In 2006, Ryan began posting videos of himself on YouTube, lip-syncing songs with his friend Sean Fujiyoshi while they were still in high school. Later, the duo expanded their repertoire to include comedic pieces. This also included guest appearances by friends.

In 2008, two of their most popular videos were removed due to copyright infringement. In 2009 his account was suspended and he had to remove more of his videos due to further copyright infringement. As a result, he had to remove all of his lip sync videos, except for one video where the sound was randomly switched. Several of his comedy videos with copyrighted content were also removed in this cleanup. As a result, Ryan began to compose new music of his own.

After high school, Ryan moved to Las Vegas to study at the University of Nevada, where he majored in nuclear medicine but switched to film as a first-year major. Later he decided to quit his studies instead. This move to Nevada, however, led to his videos becoming individual projects, although at this time he was often working with other famous YouTubers.

In 2012 he founded his own production company – the Ryan Higa Production Company. Sean Fujiyoshi is also part of this company, and the two of them still make content for the YouTube channel Nighiga. He also founded a parody K-pop group called Boys Generally Asian (BGA) with other Asian celebrities.

Ryan Higa’s Girlfriend, Relationship With Arden Cho

Ryan Higa is currently in a relationship with the Asian-American actress, singer, and model – Arden Cho. Arden, who is about five years older than Ryan, is best known for her role as Kira Yakamura in the MTV hit show Teen Wolf. As a model, she has worked for ‘Reebok’, ‘Nike’, ‘Nylon Magazine’, ‘Alexander McQueen’, ‘Apple’, ‘Purple Fashion’ and the cult ‘Vogue’.

As an actress, she has also performed in Castle, Hawaii Five-O, Chicago Med, and The Honor List.

Arden and Ryan work together frequently, with Arden in some of Ryan’s Youtube videos and Ryan also in some of Arden’s videos on Youtube. The two seem to get along well, have a lot in common, and are currently happy with the nature of their relationship.

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Before his relationship with Arden Cho, he was previously with Tarynn Nago. The two were together for four years, from 2006 to 2010, and after their relationship ended, he met briefly with Andrea Thi in 2010.

Net Worth

Ryan Higa is said to have total net assets of $10 million. That’s an impressive sum for a YouTube star, but we can’t say we’re totally surprised, because Ryan has been one of the world’s most prominent YouTubers for almost a decade, and he has the subscribers to speak for it.

Apart from YouTube, Ryan is also an actor, musician, and comedian. It is clear that he has other sources of income besides YouTube, which proves that he is an imaginative and entrepreneurial person.

He should also be applauded for making wise decisions with his finances instead of spending his income on frivolous debauchery, as is common among people his age.