Rossano Rubicondi Net Worth Cause of Death

Rossano Rubicondi Net Worth Cause of Death – Ivana Trump and Rossano Trump dated for six years before they got married.

Finally, they decided to get married and the wedding ceremony was held at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Florida on Palm Beach.

It was a very famous and costly wedding. The whole ceremony cost three million dollars. And Donald Trump arranged everything.

Ivanka Trump was the maid of honor at the wedding but unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last. They separated in 2009 just a year after getting married.

They told people in a meeting that they had officially ended their marriage three months ago in December. They also said that they still get along well after the divorce.

Who is Rossano Rubicondi?

Rossano Rubicondi used to be married to Ivana Trump.

Rossano Rubicondi Net Worth

He was very rich and had $20 million according to people who know about money. He made his money from acting and other jobs and he made around $1 million each year.

Biography and Early Life

Rossano Rubicondi was a famous Italian actor born on March 14 1972 in Rome Lazio.

Actor Rossano Rubicondi was famous for his work in movies and TV shows. He acted in popular projects like Golden Bowl (2000) Quelli Che il Calcio (1993) Sola Dei Famosi (2003) and Entertainment Tonight (2008). He also worked on a movie called Fantasma that explored the lives of people in Africa.

In November 2011 Rossano Rubicondi got married to Millo Vimeo. He met her through Ivana Trump. Rossano and Millo have two children and she is now his surviving wife.

Rossano Rubicondi was born on March 14 1972 and his zodiac sign is Pisces. He wanted to be an actor and worked as a model as well. His parents supported him in his modeling career.

He became famous for acting in movies like “The Golden Bowl” and “Head Full of Honey”. He also shared his thoughts about Africa and appeared on the TV show “Entertainment Tonight”.

When he was 22 years old he traveled to London to work on some acting projects to gain experience in the industry.

In 2008 Rossano Rubicondi joined a reality TV show called “L’Isola dei Famosi” in its sixth season as a contestant. However, he didn’t do very well and the audience wasn’t very impressed with him.

Rossano Rubicondi Cause of Death

Rossano Rubicondi passed away when he was 49 years old. He had been sick for one year before he died but we don’t know what caused his death.

Rossano Rbicondo passed away at the age of 49 on October 29, 2021. Simona Ventura a good friend of Rossano confirmed the news.

When Rossano Rubicondi died it made his family fans and followers very sad. His ex-wife Ivana Trump was surprised and upset by the news. People who liked Rossano show how much they care by sharing pictures and videos of him to remember him.

How tall was Rossano Rubicondi?

“Rossano Rubicondi was tall measuring 1.71 meters. He weighed 80 kilograms.”

Rossano Rubicondi Age

Rossano Rubicondi was born in Rome Italy on March 14, 1972. When he passed away in 2021 he was 49 years old.

Rossano Rubicondi Wife

After he separated from Ivana Trump Rossano Rubicondi married Milu Vimo but there is not much information available about her.

Rossano Rubicondi Children

We do not know how many children Rossano Rubicondi had or their names.

Rossano Rubicondi Movies

He acted in several movies including ‘The Golden Bowl ‘The Eighteenth Angel’ and ‘Head Full of Honey.’