Pelayo Novo Depression Led To Tragic Death: Did He Commit Suicide? Accident Hotel Update

Pelayo Novo’s death could have been caused by depression and people are waiting for the cause of his death to be revealed.

Pelayo Novo was a defender in Spanish competitive football. He was born on May 12, 1990, in Gijon Spain, and perished on February 28, 2023.

The late footballer started his journey with Sporting de Gijon’s youth school and made his official début in 2009.

He played for Lealtad Marino de Luanco and Caudal Deportivo among others in Spain’s lesser divisions.

Novo was inspirational; after suffering from a lengthy injury and being in a wheelchair he began his career as a wheelchair tennis player.

Continue reading to learn about the most recent funeral stories on the Internet. This piece will go into greater detail about the tragedy five years ago.

Pelayo Novo Depresion (Depression) Led To Tragic Death: Did He Commit Suicidio (Suicide)?

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On February 28, 2023, Pelayo Novo a football star from Oviedo Spain perished. He was claimed to have died after being struck by a train on the Renfe line.

His corpse was discovered in even worse condition having been completely pulverized. People believe he committed suicide because he had numerous mental health issues.

Novo at the British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships in Nottingham last July
Novo, at the British Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships in Nottingham last July. (Image Source: The Sun)

Novo previously disclosed in an interview that he had been suffering from depression for more than eight months due to his health situation.

However, the cause of his demise has yet to be revealed by the sources; for additional legitimate reasons, a postmortem must be divulged.

The player was being treated by the Urgent Medical Assistance Service and the National Police were called to the site for further inquiry.

Many of his followers still think it was a suicide attempt; ideally, more information will be disclosed after the investigation.

Iciar López and the player was only married for eight months they were happy getting married and no issues were out.

True Oviedo shared the news about his death on his Twitter account and wrote “Heartbroken. We are profoundly saddened by the death of Pelayo Novo the commander of our Foundation. We are here for your family and associates. Pelayo rests in peace.”

The term “Survival” refers to the ability of a person to survive in the face of adversity.

Pelayo Novo Accidente (Accident) Hotel Update

In March 2018 Novo had a minor accident. He fell from the third story of the Abba hotel in Huesca while working for the Albacete squad.

He had serious spinal cord injuries that required him to use crutches for the remainder of his life causing him to withdraw from football.

Albacetes Pelayo Novo was seriously injured after hotel fall.
Albacete’s Pelayo Novo was seriously injured after a hotel fall. (Image Source: MARCA)

Novo confronted major challenges after his accident and was uncertain what he would do if football could no longer be a part of his life.

Novo was forced to choose a new professional route and after some consideration, he chose wheelchair tennis.

The athlete rose to become one of the most important players in Spain’s men’s national team classification. He was an example to many individuals with disabilities.

Following that he became a member of the Asturian Tennis Federation’s board of directors and an advocate for the Real Oviedo Foundation.

Despite his inability to move Novo continued to succeed in sports and he was just as excellent at tennis as he was at football.