Parents of Kartiki Gonsalves: Timothy Aloysius Father and Priscilla Tapley Gonsalves Mother
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Parents of Kartiki Gonsalves: Timothy Aloysius Father and Priscilla Tapley Gonsalves Mother: Many people are curious about the parents of Kartiki Gonsalves who is a well-known photographer and filmmaker from India. Her father’s name is Timothy Aloysius and her mother’s name is Priscilla Tapley Gonsalves.

Kartiki Gonsalves is a filmmaker and photographer who makes documentaries. She is part of a group called the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCPS). She made a movie called Elephant Whispers and it won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film.

“After winning the Oscar many people want to know more about Kartiki Gonsalves. They are interested in learning about her life including her marriage career parents and biography.”

Parents of Kartiki Gonsalves

Kartiki Gonsalves has a family that includes her father Timothy Aloysius Gonsalves and her mother Priscilla Tepley Gonsalves. She also has an older sister named Danica Gonsalves.

She was born on November 2nd, 1986 in Pune India. She became famous after making a documentary called The Elephant Whispers which was about nature in the Tamil language.

Kartiki Gonsalves is an environmental and wildlife photographer who works as a freelancer. Her pictures have appeared in many national and international photography travel and nature journals and books.

Kartiki Gonsalves studied at Dr. G. R. Damodaran College of Science in India. She got her Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication in 2007. In 2008, Kartiki earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Photography from The Light and Life Academy in Ooty, India, where she studied the art and science of photography.

According to the latest news the Indian documentary called “Elephant Whispers” won an Oscar award for Best Documentary Short Film.

Kartiki Gonsalves and Guneet Monga the director and producer received the award on stage. The documentary featured a song called “Haul Out” and another one called “How Do You Measure a Year?

Is Kartiki Gonsalves Married? Who is Her Husband

Ever since Kartiki Gonsalves won the Oscar many people want to know more about her including whether she has a husband. People are searching for information about their husbands on social media.

People are still searching for information about Kartiki’s husband but according to our sources, her marital status is still unknown.

People want to know about Kartiki Gonsalves’ romantic life but it’s not clear if she is dating anyone. She hasn’t shared any information about her relationship status with the public.

Kartiki Gonsalves is a busy director who won an Oscar. She hasn’t shown a photo to a lover yet and she hasn’t told anyone about her romantic status. She likes to post pictures with her co-stars on social media but she’s too focused on her career for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Even though Kartiki Gonsalves keeps her personal life private some people are trying to find out more about it. If we learn anything about her husband or kids we will let you know on this page.

Kartiki Gonsalves is a person who takes pictures and makes movies. She has directed many documentaries one of them is called The Elephant Whisperers. This documentary won an award called Oscar and there is a movie about Kartiki on Netflix.

She is a photojournalist and director who makes documentaries about nature. Her documentary “The Elephant Whisperers” won an Oscar and is available on Netflix. She is also part of the International League of Conservation Photographers.

Kartiki Gonsalves also takes photos of nature and animals for a living. Her pictures have been featured in many different magazines and books all around the world.

Kartiki Gonsalves’ Career and How Much Money She Makes?

Kartiki has about $2 million of money earned from her job as a photojournalist and movie director. She also makes money by working with companies who pay her to promote their products by appearing in TV commercials and advertising for different brands.

Kartiki Gonsalves began working soon after finishing college. She began her career as a photojournalist and documentary filmmaker at Earth Spectrum/Kartiki Gonsalves in January 2008. She worked as a consultant for design and photography at the IIT Madras Foundation from September 2008 to July 2009. She became a store manager at Fabindia Overseas Pvt Ltd from July 2009 to February 2010 which lasted for eight months.

For ten months starting from February 2010 to November 2010, Kartiki worked as a Design & Photography Executive/Customer Service Executive at Zela Luxury Fitness Clubs.

Kartiki then became an art director and photographer at Black Coffee Advertising. She worked there for more than three years from August 2011 to September 2014. Kartiki also worked as a Senior Art Director for Fisheye Creative Solutions for more than a year from August 2014 to October 2015.