Constance Marten Illness And Mental Health Update: Baby Body In Brighton

Constance Marten Illness And Mental Health Update: Baby Body In Brighton: Constance Marten’s illness and mental health are of great interest because she comes from a wealthy family with royal connections.

On January 5 the vehicle she and Gordon were riding in was discovered abandoned and on fire alongside the M61; a missing person investigation was then launched.

Officers from Sussex Police and the Metropolitan Police searched 90 square miles of rural terrain with helicopters sniffer dogs thermal imaging cameras and drones.

Constance Marten Illness And Mental Health Update

Unfortunately, the police did not provide many details about Constance Marten’s illness because the case is still sensitive but her childhood friend stated that she could have been brainwashed by a Nigerian cult.

Her friend is concerned that the rapist’s lover Mark Gordon 35 has a “hold over her.” More than two weeks ago Constance and Gordon abandoned their smoldering vehicle on a Manchester motorway.

They fled across the country with their infant. Gordon was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison for a four-hour assault on a neighbor during which he raped the woman and threatened to “kill her children” if she yelled.

Constance’s companion has revealed how she was “traumatised” by a charismatic Nigerian evangelical church leader. Constance reportedly lived overseas for about six months while in college working for the contentious pastor T B Joshua.

According to an unnamed friend she became one of his followers in Nigeria and felt brainwashed while there. She claimed that the experience had traumatised her and that when she returned she was different.

Constance nicknamed Toots by her friends is thought to have joined the controversial pastor Joshua after taking an evangelical-style course in London that explored Christian doctrine.

According to the acquaintance she is now concerned about Gordon’s potential impact on Constance. Constance’s family became estranged from her after learning of his criminal past and their futile attempts to warn her away according to the friend.

Constance Marten Baby Body In Brighton

A body was discovered during the search for Constance Marten and Mark Gordon’s newborn child according to police. The remains of a baby were discovered in a wooded area near where the aristocrat and her companion were detained on Monday.

The two are still being held on suspicion of killing an infant with great carelessness and child neglect. According to Sussex Police Chief Superintendent James Collis, the news will be “heartbreaking” for the community.

He stated that the local community and the general public who have been affected by and supportive of this search and investigation since its inception will be saddened by the search’s conclusion.

The runaway aristocrat and her companion were apprehended in Brighton without their newborn child. Constance had probably given birth to her child in the vehicle a day or two before the car caught fire on the motorway it was discovered.

Sussex Police detained the couple after a member of the public noticed them. Constance Marten and her companion Mark Gordon were apprehended on Monday and there is still a large police presence in the area.

A blue forensic tent was set up on Golf Drive which leads to the allotments that were the focus of the search for their infant on Wednesday. The public was not permitted to enter Golf Drive which was blocked off by several Police vans.