Overlooked Facts About Cherry Crush and How She Rose To Fame

Many of us know Cherry Crush as one of the most popular YouTube personalities in the world. However, few of us know that she also has a great influence on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. The amazing lady has achieved great fame through her online presence and has built up a large fan base on the aforementioned platforms. Apart from being a social media sensation, Crush has also pursued a career in the adult film industry. She is also a budding singer and can refer to several titles. More compelling facts about Crush and her journey to fame can be found below.

Cherry Crush Childhood and Early Days as a Beautician

Although Cherry Crush has become a popular name on the Internet, its journey to fame began several years ago. She was born on July 9, 1990, in Miami, Florida, the daughter of a British father and an American mother. Therefore she has dual citizenship of American and British while her ethnicity is Caucasian. While growing up, Crush spent her formative years in both the United States and England.

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She was home-schooled until the 12th grade, and after finishing school she found work in the beauty industry. Crush spent some time in the industry but became increasingly sobered as the work did not provide her with emotional or financial satisfaction. As a result, she decided to quit her job and then shifted her focus to creating vlogs on YouTube.

Overlooked Facts About Cherry Crush and How She Rose To Fame
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Entry into ASMR and Subsequent Fame on YouTube

Cherry Crush has launched its two YouTube channels Cherry Crush and ASMR Cherry Crush in March 2012. She started posting make-up tutorials and beauty tips and gained a good following. However, the Floridian-born woman struck gold after turning to the ASMR subgenre of YouTube. For the uninitiated, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingling sensation that begins in the scalp and extends down the neck and upper spine, helping to relax and soothe.

ASMR is triggered by various sensations, including whispers and scalp massages. In the case of Cherry Crush, she usually uses triggers such as kissing sounds, buzzing, lip-smacking, rain sounds, and tapping to help her followers relax. Her methods have proven to be quite popular with the YouTube crowd. She now has over 776,000 subscribers and more than 147 million hits on her ASMR channel, while her other YouTube channel has at least 219 subscribers and 16 million hits.

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In addition to creating content for the YouTube community, Cherry Crush also works in the adult film industry as a model and actress. She has appeared in several videos that are available to adults on various platforms. Besides, the multi-talent Crush is also a budding singer. She has uploaded several covers and original titles on her channel, including Positive Affirmation, Random, and Hello Ears. Given her vocal abilities, one wouldn’t be surprised if Crush would release a full-length work in the not too distant future.

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Cherry Crush Was Once Estranged From Her Parents

Cherry Crush has not revealed many details about her family background. However, it is known that her father is English, while her mother, as mentioned above, is American. Crush’s parents initially disapproved of her decision to get involved in the adult film industry. At some point, the YouTube personality lived with her father, but he threw her out after he realized she was a porn star. After this painful expulsion, Crush had no choice but to seek refuge with her mother. The lady eagerly welcomed her into her home and accommodated her for a while.

But she expelled her when her real occupation came to light. After this second eviction, Cherry Crush moved to a hotel and lived there for some time. Fortunately, she has now found a more stable place to stay. The YouTuber has also reconciled with her parents, as they have realized that she does not harm herself or others with her porn.

Other Interesting Things To Know About Cherry Crush

She is a big fan of animals and has a beloved cat named bobby.

She is also fond of magical and mythical creatures, which she often showcases in her choice of outfits.

The YouTuber is of average height; she stands 5 feet 2 inches tall.

She regularly dyes her hair in bright shades of purple and pink.

Her motto is “no person has the right to rain on your dreams.”

She hates conventional schools and prefers home-schooling.

She has no specific idols or role models.

Crush boasts of a unique accent, and this is thanks to her English and American heritage.

She is a fitness buff and regularly works out to stay fit.

She has over 70,000 followers on Twitter and 430,000 on Instagram.