Eva Ionesco Bio, Married, Husband, Family, Other Facts
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Eva Ionesco is a French actress, model, filmmaker, and screenwriter who has been in the limelight since childhood. She began her acting career at the age of 11, but before that, she had already posed for the camera as a model. From the age of 4 to 12 she was her mother’s favorite model and posed in provocative manners. Eva Ionesco is the youngest model ever to appear in the popular adult magazine Playboy. Her first appearance in Playboy magazine was when she was only 11 years old.

Eva Ionesco Biography

The French actress and film director Eva Ionesco was born on July 18, 1965, in the French capital Paris. She grew up in her native city and has been a popular character since her childhood.

The parents of Eva Ionesco are Irina Ionesco and Miklos Berlnyi. Her mother is a popular photographer who was born in Paris on September 3, 1930, the daughter of Romanian immigrants.

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Her mother made it a habit that Eva Ionesco had to be the main subject of her work as a photographer because she is a photographer. As a child, she had no say in what her mother imposed on her and had very little room for an argument. Without her lawful consent, Irina Ionesco took sensitive photos of her daughter, and this began when Eva was only four years old. Eva Ionesco modeled not only for her mother but also for other photographers, including the popular French nude photographer Jacques Bourboulon. The pictures of young Eva, which appeared naked in several publications, caused controversy, but also provided film opportunities for the young model.

In October 1976 Eva became the youngest model ever to be pictured in Playboy magazine. She also appeared nude on the cover of the October 1976 Italian edition. Two years later, her nude photos appeared again in another adult magazine, this time in the Spanish edition of Penthouse in November 1978. Her picture was also used on the cover of an issue of the German magazine Der Spiegel.

Even though the pictures of the young Eva Ionesco, which appeared in many publications and adult magazines, were unpleasant, it did her good and helped her to secure film roles. She played the leading role in her first film, The Tenant, 1976, in which she was cast as Madame Gaderian’s daughter, Bettina. The following year she played the leading role of Silvia in the film Maladolescenza by Pier Giuseppe Murgia. The film was criticized mainly for its numerous sex scenes with child actresses and was therefore banned by the major countries.

In 1977 her mother lost custody of her and she was adopted by Roger and Irene Louboutin, the parents of the famous French fashion designer Christian Louboutin.

In the 80s and 90s she acquired various acting roles, including Meurtres à domicile (1981), Les Nanas (1984), L’amoureuse (1987), Chant de guerre parisien (1991), Comment font les gens? (1992), Pullman paradis (1995), Liberté chérie (1996), La patinoire (1999) and many others at the beginning of the new millennium.

Since 2006 Eva has directed films. The first film she directed was La LoIde la Forêt. In 2010 she directed My little princess. The film was largely inspired by Eva Ionesco’s real-life relationship with her mother Irina Ionesco. Eva Ionesco also co-authored the film, in which Isabelle Huppert plays the leading role as Hanna Giurgiu, the photographer who uses her underage daughter as a tool for her erotic photographs.

Once again Eva Ionesco and Isabelle Huppert worked together, this time in the 2019 Ionesco film entitled Golden Youth. This is the third film directed by Eva Ionesco.

Eva Ionesco Family: Husband (Married) and Son

She is married to the French writer and journalist Simon Liberati. The couple made the alliance on December 8, 2013, in Paris, France. Simon was born on May 12, 1960, in Paris, France. As a writer, he has written seven books. In 2015 he wrote a book entitled Eva. The book tells about his wife’s childhood and also about their relationship together.

Eva Ionesco has a son named Lucas Ionesco. She had Lucas from one of their previous relationships and raised him as a single mother before she met Simon Liberati. Lucas was born on January 28, 1995, and has developed into a French actor.

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Other Facts About The Actress

In 2012, Eva sued her mother for taking inappropriate photos of her as a child and also accused her of depriving her of a normal childhood.

Since her screen debut in 1976, Eva Ionesco has starred in over 55 films.

She is 1.88 m tall and weighs 51 kg.

She has acted in 9 plays.

The actress and the shoe designer Christian Louboutin grew up together.

So far she has directed three films.

Eva Ionesco is worth about 700 000 dollars.