New tattoo: Brooklyn Beckham has Nicola's face on his arm
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Brooklyn Beckham (23) and Nicola Peltz-Beckham (28) have been going through life together for around three years. The son of Victoria Beckham (48) and the actress crowned their relationship last year with a glamorous wedding. The love between the two goes under the skin – the photographer has already had more than 20 tattoos done in honor of his wife. Now a huge work of art has been added: Brooklyn’s upper arm is now adorned with a portrait of Nicola!

Brooklyn Beckham

The 23-year-old shares his biggest ink love token yet in an interview with E! News in a clip on Instagram. He proudly shows the camera his upper right arm, on which his wife’s face was immortalized. “They’re very addictive, especially if you love someone,” Brooklyn explains on the show. He even had his first love tattoo tattooed shortly after the beginning of their relationship.

Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz Beckham
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And what do the Brit’s fans say about his new body artwork? Some users don’t seem too enthusiastic about it: “It’s not a good tattoo, at least he could have afforded a better artist,” says one follower. Another even finds it “toxic” that the Beckham offspring have so many love tattoos.