Nawelle Ormerod Death: Pierce Whelan Arrested and Jailed After Hitting Her With a Peugeot 406

Nawelle Ormerod Death: Pierce Whelan Arrested and Jailed After Hitting Her With a Peugeot 406: Pierce Whelan’s killing of Nawelle Ormerod has drawn the attention of many individuals on the internet. Continue reading to learn more.

Nawalle Ormerod was a 37-year-old mother whose name made news after she died.

She died after being hit by a drunk and stoned driver called Pierce Whelan in Nuneaton and dragged for more than half a mile under his car.

Whelan also hit another person, so Ormerod was not the only one who was hit. He sustained life-altering injuries in the accident on Saturday, June 19, 2021.

The man who murdered Nawalle was recently sentenced to 21 years in prison, bringing this case back into the limelight. Pierce was sentenced after pleading guilty to manslaughter and causing severe injury by reckless driving.

Nawalle Ormerod Death Details: Who Was 37-Year-Old Woman?

Nawalle Ormerod, a 37-year-old mother, died after being engaged in a fatal accident. Nawelle Tina Ormerod was her complete name.

Pierce Whelan, 35, of Nuneaton, hit Nawalle with his Peugeot 406 vehicle on the Roanne Ringway at the time.

He then dragged her under his car for approximately 900 meters before abandoning her corpse on Marlborough Road.

Nawelle Ormerod Death: Pierce Whelan Arrested and Jailed After Hitting Her With a Peugeot 406

Unfortunately, Ormerod sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. As previously stated, Nawalle was not the only one involved in the mishap.

The fatal mishap also claimed the life of a 28-year-old male pedestrian. He was then thrown over his vehicle and landed in the back, suffering from broken bones and arm lacerations.

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Details About Nawalle Ormerod’s Husband and Son

Nawalle Ormerod was a happily married woman who shared her life with her spouse and their son. The particulars of their marriage are unclear.

Also, the identity of Nawalle’s spouse remains a mystery because officials have made no hints about it, and the media has been granted privacy.

Nawalle Ormerods family mourns her death.

Nawalle’s family was undoubtedly devastated by the news. The Ormerod family may have felt relieved now that Whelan, the murderer, has been jailed.

Nawalle Ormerod Killer Pierce Whelan Has Been Sentenced

Pierce Whelan, a drunk driver who was more than twice the legal limit, murdered Nawalle. He was arrested and brought into custody for causing death by dangerous driving, failing to stop after a collision, and driving while intoxicated.

Pierce had 82 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath, which was more than the legal maximum of 35 micrograms.

Furthermore, the Saliva test revealed the existence of cannabis. He was later jailed for drug driving and manslaughter.

He was subsequently found guilty and will appear in Warwick Crown Court on March 3, 2023.

Nawelle Ormerod Death: Pierce Whelan Arrested and Jailed After Hitting Her With a Peugeot 406

Pierce was sentenced to 21 years in prison for manslaughter and an extra three years for causing severe injury by reckless driving.

It was characterized as one of the most serious hit-and-run cases by the Crown Prosecution Service. Whelan was given a lifetime driving ban by Judge Lockhart after pleading guilty to two charges on December 13, with a third charge of causing death by dangerous driving kept on file.

Inspector Michael Huntley, who heads Warwickshire Police’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit, stated after the sentencing that Whelan’s actions had caused permanent harm to many lives.

He also praised the general public, police officers, and colleagues from the West Midlands Ambulance Service.