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Miranda Lambert Bio, Parents, Husband, Children, Siblings, Net Worth

Miranda Lambert Bio, Parents, Husband, Children, Siblings, Net Worth

Miranda Lambert Bio, Parents, Wife, Children, Siblings, Net Worth: Miranda Lambert is a country singer and guitar player from America. She was born on November 10, 1983.

Miranda Lambert loved music from a young age and she still loves it today. She has worked hard in her career and is now one of the most popular singers in the show business.

When she was 16 years old, Miranda Lambert went on a TV show called the Johnnie High Country Music Revue in Arlington, Texas. This is the same show that helped make LeAnn Rimes famous.

Miranda Lambert made her own first album in 2001, without any help from a big record company. In 2003, she got on a singing contest called Nashville Star and came in third place. The contest was shown on TV on the USA Network.

Miranda Lambert isn’t just a solo singer. In 2011, she started a group called the Pistol Annies with Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley.

Miranda Lambert has won big prizes like the Grammy Awards, the Academy of Country Music Awards, and the Country Music Association Awards. People think she’s really good at singing!

Miranda Lambert has won more Academy of Country Music Awards than any other singer ever!

As of February 2023, Miranda Lambert made 9 albums and many songs. She won lots of awards for her music, and many people bought her albums, which were certified Platinum.

Miranda Lambert has nine tattoos on her body. Some of them show pictures and symbols, and one of them has the word “tumbleweed” on it.

Miranda Lambert Age

Miranda Lambert celebrated her 39th birthday on November 10, 2022. She was born on November 10, 1983, in Longview, Texas, United States. Lambert will be 40 in November this year.

Miranda Lambert turned 39 years old on November 10, 2022. She was born on that same day in 1983, in a place called Longview, Texas in the United States. This November, she will have her 40th birthday.

Miranda Lambert Height & Weight

Miranda Lambert is about 1.63 meters tall and weighs around 71 kilograms.

Miranda Lambert Parents

Miranda Lambert was born in Longview, Texas, United States and grew up in a place called Lindale, Texas. Her dad is named Richard Lee Lambert and her mom is named Beverly June Hughes. Her great-grandma was named Lucy Miranda, and that’s why she got her first name.

Miranda Lambert Husband

As of February 2023, Miranda Lambert had gone out with different people but got married two times.

In 2006, Miranda Lambert started going out with a singer named Blake Shelton. They decided to get married in 2011 at a ranch in Texas. But, in 2015, they separated after being married for four years.

Later in 2015, people found out that Miranda Lambert was going out with an R&B singer named Anderson East. They met each other at a music festival called Live on the Green in Nashville.

In 2018, people found out that Miranda Lambert and Anderson East had ended their relationship after dating for two years.

In February 2018, Lambert began dating Evan Felker, the lead singer of Turnpike Troubadours. However, they broke up in August of the same year.

Miranda Lambert shared on social media that she got married to Brendan McLoughlin, a police officer from New York City on January 26, 2019. She made the announcement on February 16, 2019, and they got married in Davidson County, Tennessee.

Miranda Lambert Children

We don’t know if Miranda Lambert, who is 39 years old, has kids that she gave birth to or kids that she adopted.

But Miranda Lambert doesn’t have her own children. She is a stepmother to her second husband Brendan McLoughlin’s four-year-old son Landon. Brendan had Landon with his ex-girlfriend, Kaihla Rettinger.

Miranda Lambert Siblings

We do not know if Miranda Lambert has any brothers or sisters because she has never talked about them. There are no official documents or information available on the matter.

In February 2023, people estimated that Miranda Lambert had around $60 million. She has earned this money by singing, writing songs, playing the guitar, going on tours, and promoting different brands.

Miranda Lambert Album

At the time of this writing this article, Miranda Lambert has made 9 studio albums up to February 2023. They are Miranda Lambert (2001), Kerosene (2005), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007), Revolution (2009), Four the Record (2011), Platinum (2014), The Weight Of These Wings (2016), Wildcard (2019), and Palomino (2022).

Miranda Lambert Social Media

Miranda Lambert uses social media a lot. She has a special Instagram account with more than 4.8 million fans, a Facebook page with over 8.9 million followers, and a Twitter account with over 6.7 million followers.