Mike Williams Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Him
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Even though Mike Williams was not introduced to the National Football League until 2017 and it is still too early to rule him out, we have to say that the Wide Receiver rookie season was not spectacular; if anything, it was a disappointing start for us, him and all those who couldn’t wait to blow him up.

But then it would be difficult for a fair observer to blame Williams for the lost season. A lower back injury denied him the extensive preparation training he would have received, he missed the entire training camp, the first six games, and did not make his debut until the sixth week. Considering these factors, it is quite remarkable that he ended the season with 11 receptions and 95 receiving courts.

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Fortunately, Mike did not let his normal start in the league get him down. According to the Los Angeles Chargers’ Wide Receiver, he is absolutely super prepared for the 2018 season and is looking forward to proving his worth. This guy talked about dominating the season, he is convinced of his abilities and has no doubts about rehabilitating himself. “… I know who I am and what I can be,” he said.

Well, there’s no point in doubting Mike, after all, he was the seventh overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, so we can only keep up with him to see how he would do. In the meantime, here’s what you should know about him.

Mike Williams Biography: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know About Him
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Mike Williams Biography

Although you may find it difficult to get details about Mike William’s family background, it is fairly easy to determine his age and place of birth. It is generally assumed that due to his young age, Williams has rich prospects in his chosen profession. According to records, he was born on October 4 and in 1994.

Michael Williams was born in Vance, South Carolina, where he also spent much of his early years. When it was time for high school, he became a student at Lake Marion High School & Technology Center in Santee, South Carolina. By participating in various athletic activities at the school, Mike showed that he was athletically inclined.

Later, he gave priority to football and excelled in the game. This brought him some attention and eventually inspired him to intensify his career as a professional footballer. In the meantime, he did not give up his education, as he obtained a degree in sociology for himself.

Facts You Need To Know About Him

1. His Rise To Fame

Despite the fact that Mike Williams’ passion for American football can be traced back to his high school days, it was only during his college career that he began to enjoy significant public attention.

From 2013 until he joined the NFL in 2017, he burned for the Clemson Tigers at Clemson University. As a freshman, he began with 3 touchdowns and 20 receptions for 316 yards and ended his second year of study with 6 touchdowns and 57 receptions for 1,030 yards. Mike continued to improve over the years, and this encouraged him to announce his decision in January 2017 to give up his senior year to compete for NFL Draft of the Year.

2. Highlights and Awards

As at the time of this report, this wide receiver could only boast of a handful of achievements in football. Among the most prestigious of his achievements in the profession to date is his promotion to the first team of the All-ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) 2016. 2016 was also the year he became a national champion in the College Football Playoffs (CFP).

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3. Mike’s NFL Career Stats

This guy joined the Bolts in 2017, and due to an injury he hardly played in 10 games, because he only started in one game. This naturally affected his statistics, he could only make 11 catches for 95 yards.

4. Salary and Net Worth

Given that Mike Williams ended his college career with the Clemson Tigers as one of the most highly decorated wide receivers in his history, it’s hardly surprising that the Chargers took him in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft with a seventh overall score. Soon after, he signed a four-year contract with the team worth $19.74 million, with a massive signing bonus of $12.50 million.

5. Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Mike has the physical characteristics of a typical American footballer. The big-headed wide receiver has always been praised for his strength and big hands. His height is also perfect for the game as he is 6 feet 4 inches tall. Williams weighs 220 lb, his hand is 0.24 m (9 3/8 in) tall and his arm length is 0.85 m (33 3/8 in). Further details of his body measurements have yet to be verified.