Meteorologist: Who Is Llarisa Abreu Husband Wesley Bobbit? Family And Net Worth

Meteorologist: Who Is Llarisa Abreu Husband Wesley Bobbit? Family And Net Worth: Viewers are curious about Llarisa Abreu’s husband and where she will work now that she has announced her intention to quit Philadelphia TV.

Meteorologist Llarisa Abreu, a member of Philadelphia’s CBS 3 weather team, recently disappeared from her weather segment, leaving viewers and listeners worried.

In February 2020, Llarisa Abreu made her Philly premiere as a weekday morning meteorologist. Despite being a native of New Jersey, she relocated for her job, according to her social media accounts.

On February 7, 2023, precisely two years after joining CBS 3, Abreu announced on Instagram that she would be leaving the network for “the next chapter.”

The reporter concluded by announcing her departure from the network on February 17, 2023. She went on to say that she would announce her next step soon, but she didn’t specify what it was.

Meteorologist: Who Is Llarisa Abreu Husband Wesley Bobbit? Family And Net Worth
Llarisa Abreu

Llarisa’s departure from CBS 3 may come as a surprise to some of her admirers, but she may soon reveal her new station.

Llarisa Abreu’s Husband Wesley Bobbit And Family

Llarisa Abreu’s spouse is overjoyed after tying the knot with the meteorologist.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many specifics about Llarisa Abreu’s husband on the internet. Wesley has remained silent in the media and has kept out of his wife’s spotlight.

Llarisa Abreu’s spouse appears to adore her, and their bond appears to be strengthening over time, as there have been no reports of marital problems in the media.

The correspondent has also not stated whether or not she has children. Similarly, Abreu has not shared any photos of herself with her spouse on social media.

The meteorologist can be found on Instagram under the alias @llarisaabreu. Llarisa has over 21.1k followers and has posted 870 posts.

Concerning Abreu’s family, she was born and reared in 1989 in her hometown of Passaic, New Jersey by her parents, who were Dominican immigrants.

The weather reporter’s father arrived in the United States from the Dominican Republic in 1980. Her mother and older siblings followed him to America a few years afterward.

Abreu’s parents decided to live in northern New Jersey, where a two-bedroom apartment at the time cost $150 per month.

Her father, like many other Dominicans in this country, opened a bodega named City Food Market. Similarly, her mother went to work in maintenance for Kenneth Kole.

Meteorologist: Who Is Llarisa Abreu Husband Wesley Bobbit? Family And Net Worth
Llarisa Abreu uploaded picture of her parents

Llarisa’s parents are pleased with their daughter for standing on her own and becoming a successful Meteorologist.

On the occasion of Hispanic Heritage Month, Abreu has also posted lovely photos of her father and mother on her Instagram page.

Llarisa Abreu Net Worth in 2023

Llarisa Abreu has not revealed her 2023 net worth. However, according to some online sources, the weather reporter’s net worth could be around $787,372.

According to Facts Buddy, Abreu made a good living as a meteorologist, with an annual salary of $76126.

Abreu previously served as the primary weekday fill-in and weekend weather anchor for NBC 7’s morning crew at KNSD-San Diego.

The Accuweather Network was where the weather journalist began her reporting career. She forecasted all types of extreme weather in 2014, from hurricanes to the devastating tornadoes that hit the country’s central and southern regions.

According to LinkedIn, Abreu also spent about 7 months as an intern correspondent at NBC News. Her job was to help organize the teams of reporters and photographers.

While living in California, Llarisa received her first Emmy for outstanding team coverage of the devastating 2017 Lilac Fire. The San Diego Union-Tribune named her the city’s best meteorologist for 2018.