Memarie White Mountain Death And Obituary: Missing 18-Year-Old Girl Found Dead

Memarie White Mountain went missing on November 10, 2022. Her family couldn’t find her for almost 15 days and sadly she was found dead.

In November 2022 an 18-year-old girl went missing. Her family friends and the police worked hard to find her safe and sound.

Her family said that she didn’t have a phone of her own so sometimes she couldn’t be reached for a while.

Memarie’s sister said that their mother passed away in January 2022. It was really tough for Memarie to accept that their mom was gone especially since she was still young.

But Memarie’s sister is still looking for her even though she went missing on November 10. She hasn’t given up hope yet!

Memarie White Mountain Death And Obituary

Memarie White Mountain was found dead almost two weeks after she was last seen but it’s not clear yet what caused her death.

The State Forensic Medical Examiner found out that White Mountain died by accident due to Hypothermia which happens when the body gets too cold.

The report also said that when she died she had a lot of alcohol and methamphetamine in her body.

She may have been hanging out with her friends before she disappeared. Her sister said that she didn’t have a phone so she couldn’t quickly ask her family for help.

Hypothermia happens when the body gets too cold for too long. This can happen if a person is exposed to cold temperatures for a long time and their body loses heat faster than it can make heat.

Hypothermia can make a person’s heart rate and blood pressure go up. Sadly Memarie accidentally died from Hypothermia.

“Remember that Hypothermia can be very dangerous and has caused the death of many young people.”

Missing 18-Year-Old Girl Found Dead After Two Weeks

Memarie White Mountain’s sister Kaitlyn Sparks received a message from her on Facebook on November 10th saying that she was ready to come back home.

But she never came back home and her sister didn’t receive any more messages from her on Facebook. Memarie didn’t have her own cell phone so she had to use her friend’s phone to message her sister.

Memarie Death

When Memarie didn’t come back home her family reported her missing to the police and they began looking for her right away. The family also used social media to spread the word about her disappearance and ask for help finding her.

Memarie’s friends family and neighbors searched to find her but sadly her body was discovered on November 23, 2022.

The day after she was found dead would have been Memarie’s 19th birthday. Her family was very worried about her because her mother had passed away in January.

Kaitlyn Sparks Memarie’s sister was very close to her. They often talked and shared their life experiences with each other.

“My sister’s disappearance has been very difficult for me and our family. It’s hard to believe something like this can happen but I’m still hoping she’ll come home” said Memarie’s sister Kaitlyn Sparks.

“She said ‘It made Memarie sad when our mom died because she was our best friend. We all loved her and Memarie was very close to her like the rest of us. So it’s been tough on my sister.'”