Lori Lightfoot’s Adoptive Daughter Vivian Lightfoot: Who Is Her Biological Parents?
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In this piece, you will discover everything there is to know about Lori Lightfoot’s Adoptive Daughter Vivian Lightfoot: Who are Her Biological Parents?

Vivian Lightfoot is the adopted daughter of Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s 56th mayor, attorney, and politician. Contrary to popular belief, Lori is not a biological child.

Vivian’s mother, a member of the Democratic Party, has served as mayor of the Windy City since 2019. It is a pretty proven fact that Lori is the only openly lesbian African-American woman to become mayor of a major US city when she became Chicago’s leader in April 2019.

And the article below looks at Vivian Lightfoot, the youngest member of Lori’s family. Check out some notable moments featuring the Ohio-born attorney’s daughter, as well as some highlights from Lori’s political journey.

Vivian Lightfoot’s Parents: Who Is Her Biological Mother And Father?  

Vivian Lightfoot was born in Chicago in November 2008. Not much is known about his real parents. As for her adoptive mother, Lori, she spent most of her childhood in Massillon, Ohio, where her parents fled the Jim Crow South and settled.

Vivian’s adoptive father was the son of a stockholder in Arkansas. He was a hard worker, although he had lost his hearing due to meningitis.

Vivian’s parents, Lori and Amy Eshleman were married in May 2014. Eshleman is from the small Illinois town of Sterling, about 110 miles west of Chicago. She is the former head of the Chicago Public Libraries.

In June 2020, the woman born in Massillon published a post on her Instagram profile mentioning the fact that, until recently, she and Amy had found it difficult to admit their relationship.

“53 years ago, marriages like ours were illegal. Today, I’m raising an incredible child freely and openly with the love of my life,”

said Mayor Lightfoot, remembering their adopted daughter Vivian Lightfoot.

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Where Does Vivian Lightfoot Study? 

Thirteen-year-old Vivian Lightfoot is apparently attending a private school. This is despite the fact that her mother once confessed that she wanted her daughter to go to public schools.

Lightfoot told Logan Squarist in August 2018 that she had hoped to provide her daughter with a public school experience, but instead found a broken system.

“My wife and I always thought that [our daughter] would be in public schools because we’re both public school kids. But when we went to get her enrolled in pre-school, there was no opportunity because the slots were full, and the waiting list was interminably long,”

explained the Democratic MEP.

In a few or two public appearances, Mayor Lythfoot has pointed out that her daughter was educated in a private school.

The former private law practice employee once revealed in another interview that Vivian was a student-athlete, but had to postpone it for a while because of the notorious 2020 pandemic.

The former president of the Chicago Police Department confirms that Vivian is quite sporty. She says that her daughter is always running track races. Lori claims that her daughter also played basketball. However, she missed a large part of the basketball season due to a broken leg, so she started to focus more on athletics.

Viviana lives with her two mothers in the Logan Square neighborhood on the north side of Chicago.

Vivian Lightfoot Has Been In A Commercial

Although it is unclear whether Lori and Amy’s only daughter wants to pursue an acting career when she grows up, she has already been in front of the camera, and professionally.

Many thought it was Lori’s way of attracting Chicago voters to the mayoral campaign.

The ad showed a serious Lori in her Logans Square living room, with her then 11-year-old daughter Vivian playing in the background.

“I’m Lori Lightfoot and I’m running for mayor for the future of our daughter and all of Chicago’s children,” says the LGBT supporter. Light music plays in the background as Vivian is pulled into the background by a runaway train.

Lori then utters,

“That’s why nothing will distract me from bringing real change to Chicago by breaking the grip of Ed Burke and the corrupt political machine.”

Meanwhile, Viviana dances a dance known as flossing.

Vivian Lightfoot Hated Her Mother, Lori Lightfoot For This Specific Incident 

Although Lori is a politician, she has enough haters, critics, and followers. And for this particular incident, an African-American lawyer got cold-shouldered by one of her relatives. Although it is in a rather insignificant way.

In May 2020, Mayor Lori Lightfoot decision to show a video of her dance movement TikTok announcing Chicago’s virtual city high school graduation ceremony gained attention on social media.

However, this did not go down too well in her own household. During a recording for CNN’s podcast The Axe Files, the Mayor told host David Axelrod that her then 12-year-old daughter Vivian did not like the video one bit.

The specific reason Vivian was annoyed with her mother about this was that the lawyer-turned-politician chose to do TikTok with someone other than her, despite Vivian constantly urging her to do so.

“She’s obsessed with TikTok. And she’s been trying to get [wife] Amy and I to do TikTok with her. And I’m like, `No. I’m not doing that. When I came home that night and said, `By the way, I just did my first TikTok, of course, her reaction was, `I can’t believe you did it with someone else and you didn’t do it with me.’ Such is the life of a 12-year-old,”

said Axelrod, a former public sector worker.

How Vivian Lightfoot’s Mother Made It Her Way To Chicago Mayor? 

Vivian’s mother, Lori Lightfoot, was formerly a practicing attorney at the Mayer Brown law firm, serving a wide range of clients.

She held this position until 2002 when she became the Chief Administrator of the Chicago Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards, a now-defunct government police watchdog group. In 2004, Vivian’s politician mother then moved to the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

For the next ten years or so, she was in private practice, serving on the boards of NARAL and the ACLU Illinois Chapter.

During this time, she also worked as an external consultant for Bank of America. In 2013, she was a one-time finalist for U.S. Northern District of Illinois Attorneys.

In 2015, she returned to the public sector. Three years later, in May 2018, Lori announced her candidacy for mayor of Chicago in the 2019 election.

On 2 April 2019, Amy’s spouse won the runoff election to become Mayor of Chicago. She then became the city’s first black woman and openly gay elected mayor.

The former chair of the Chicago Police Accountability Task Force won more than 73% of the vote in the second round, winning in all 50 of the city’s electoral districts. The mother of one won in all 20 of the city’s 2,069 precincts.

Lori Lightfoot took office on 20 May 2019.

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Vivian Lightfoot’s Mother Is Wealthy

Although Lori Lightfoot work is largely focused on serving people rather than making a profit from it, 59-year-old Vivian’s mother is described by most as a millionaire and has a net worth of at least over a million dollars.

Although the figures vary to some extent depending on the analysts. To put this into some perspective, Lightfoot is said to have earned between $ 400,000 and $ 500,000 from her job as mayor.

Thus, Lori earned more than $497 000 USD from the law firm in her first (2019) job, the Chicago Tribune reported in March 2021, based on her tax return.

Other Facts 

  1. Vivian is also a trumpet player.
  2. She is also reportedly a big fan of board game nights.

Quick Facts About Vivian Lightfoot

Real NameVivian Lightfoot
Nick NameVivian
Famous AsDaughter of Lori Lightfoot
Age12-years old
BirthplaceUnited States
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Heightapprox. 4 ft 8 in
Weightapprox. 35 Kg
Body MeasurementsNA
Bra Cup SizeNA
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size4.5 (US)
Net Worth$200k – $300k