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Lil Bibby Brother, Parents, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Mom, Bio

Lil Bibby Brother, Parents, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Mom, Bio
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The story of Lil Bibby can be called the classic story of the African-American hooded boy who fought against all the usual vices in black American society but finally found solace in music. He follows an illustrious line of Chicago hip-hop artists: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Twista, Vic Mensa, Common; the list goes on.

Lil Bibby Bio

Lil Bibby was born Brandon George Dickinson Jr. on July 18, 1994. He grew up on the East Side of Chicago’s 79th Street. Bibby’s upbringing was far from ideal because at a tender age he was exposed to the ugly sight of street violence and admits that he was shot several times. His mother struggled with drug abuse and addiction, so he was raised by his older sister at the time. She herself was never a good role model, as she was involved in gang activities in the neighborhood.

As Bibby grew up, he saw many of his friends go to prison, most of whom he would never see again. Bibby told in an interview how he resented the kids on the street who were at school, and that changed when he read his favorite book of all time, 48 Laws of Power. He alludes to the fact that the book radically changed his way of thinking and helped him see the world in a different light.

At the age of 16, Bibby met his long-time friend G. Herbo for the first time in a youth institution, the duo developed an interest in rap music and unleashed various beats via a mobile phone. They decided to turn their hobby into their profession and went into the studio to record some of their rhymes.

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Music Career and Collaborations

The rapper released his debut mixtape Free Crack on 29 November 2013, produced by Grade A Productions. It was made available for digital download only; since then it has been downloaded more than 225,000 times on the online distribution platform DatPiff. The title of the mixtape was inspired by Kanye West’s title Crack Music.

The rising star began to attract attention, and in 2001 superstar rapper Drake said he was a big fan of Lil Bibby’s music, he also said that he and Bibby had spoken in 2013. Bibby confessed that the endorsement was a great encouragement that inspired him to work harder on his content. The titles Water and Whole Crew were a direct product of this positive mood.

In 2014, he worked with another rapper and Memphis-born Juicy J and was involved in the remix of Main Chick, which was performed by Kid Ink. Bibby’s second mixtape, Free Crack 2, was released on August 29, 2014, and was hosted by DJ Drama. It included guest appearances by Lil Herb, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Kevin Gates, Jadakiss, and Anthony Hamilton.

Black Entertainment Television (BET) gave the mixtape positive reviews and awarded it a five-star rating for its new depth and self-reflection. It credited the mixtape by detailing the difficult balance between fame and authenticity and its impact on everyday life in some of America’s urban war zones.

Bibby’s other album Free Crack 3 was downloaded over 272,000 times by the end of 2017.

Lil Bibby Girlfriend

Until recently, Bibby’s love life was not as much in the news as his music, but for a young man exposed to the gangster life, it was always interesting to know who his love interest is and how he would realize it.

In early 2016 a video of Lil Bibby and Johanie Taylor in bed was leaked online. The video showed the rapper in a microsleep in the arms of Johanie Taylor. After the subsequent frenzy over the video, both parties confirmed in an Instagram posting that they were really in a relationship. Johanie is a model and a celebrity on social media.

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Lil Bibby Family and Net Worth

Not much is known about Lil Bibby’s family, but it is certain that Bibby’s mother was a drug addict as a teenager. He grew up watching his mother snort drugs at home and admitted that he still has bad memories of his childhood. His older sister was also a member of a street gang. It is safe to say that the family that knew Biby were the gangs on the street.

In an interview, Bibby said he would not squeal (call the police) even if his mother was shot. In his opinion, it is his job to find the perpetrator and take revenge on his own terms.

Current income from digital downloads and performances has estimated Lil Bibby’s net worth at $600,000.