Lauren Boebert Controversy And Scandal- What Did She Say To Joe Biden?

Lauren Boebert Controversy And Scandal- What Did She Say To Joe Biden?: Lauren Boebert, an American politician and businesswoman, is said to have repeatedly interrupted President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Today’s topic is the Lauren Boebert controversy.

Lauren Boebert is a well-known businesswoman and politician. She is also known as the gun rights advocate who currently serves as the United States Representative for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district.

She also owned Shooters Grill, a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, for more than seven years, where employees were encouraged to openly carry firearms.

Lauren is frequently characterized as a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump. She has, however, never accepted the tags.

Furthermore, the Trump supporter falsely claims that the 2020 election was stolen from him and that he was elected against him in order to overturn the results during the Electoral College vote count.

Boebert has frequently covered controversies in the media, whether it’s about supporting Donald Trump or irrupting Joe Biden.

Lauren Boebert Controversy And Scandal Explained

Lauren Boebert, Colorado’s 3rd congressional district representative, is trending on the internet after she said something to Joe Biden, the 46th and current president of the United States.

Lauren appeared to pray for the President’s demise in February 2023. Boebert delivered a political sermon to the congregation of the Storehouse Dallas church in Texas, repeating her controversial remarks from the previous day.

Lauren Boebert Controversy And Scandal- What Did She Say To Joe Biden?

Boebert’s statement stunned everyone because it alluded to Joe’s death. According to Boebert, Biden has an excellent insurance policy in the form of Kamala Harris.

Because of the verse’s potential implications, Boebert’s reference to Psalms 109:8 during her remarks on impeachment has sparked debate. While Boebert’s interpretation is unknown, many have noted that the verse is frequently associated with a call to kill an adversary.

As a result, Boebert’s comments sparked debate and criticism from those who believe such language is inappropriate or potentially dangerous.

What Did Lauren Boebert Say To Joe Biden?

Lauren Boebert, as previously stated, alluding to President Joe Biden’s death. “Joe Biden is president,” she said. Lord, we don’t know what to do!”

She went on to say that he should have fewer days in office and that someone else should take his place. Joe’s death was clearly implied by this. The audience was also laughing as a result of her statement.

Lauren has also been involved in other Joe Biden-related controversies. Back in March 2022, the President discussed his goal of assisting America’s veterans, primarily cancer patients.

Lauren Boebert Controversy And Scandal- What Did She Say To Joe Biden?

A shout came from the House floor, and it was none other than Lauren. She was referring to the 13 US military personnel killed during the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan in 2021.

Lauren also filed a resolution to impeach the President in September 2021, for your information.

Twitter Reacts To Lauren Boebert’s Statement

People took to social media to discuss Lauren Boebert’s statement. Lauren had many supporters, but she was also heavily criticized.

Lauren Boebert Controversy And Scandal- What Did She Say To Joe Biden?

Aside from that, Lauren is currently making headlines for appearing to forget Alaska and Hawaii are states in a United States map meme.

She tweeted a map of the United States that omitted Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. Lauren was heavily mocked as a result, and she later admitted to missing the two states.