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Karima Jackson Biography, Wiki, Dating, Boyfriend, Married, Parents, Facts

Karima Jackson Biography, Wiki, Dating, Boyfriend, Married, Parents, Facts
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Some people work extremely hard in life to achieve celebrity status, while others have it as a birthright without lifting a finger when they ask for it. This is the story of Karima Jackson, who, unlike the men in her family and her parents, has chosen a less noisy profession, and yet so much noise is made from time to time about who she really is and what she is up to.

Let’s learn more about who this quiet celebrity is and what she’s been up to lately.

Karima Jackson Biography, Wiki, Parents

Karima Jackson was born on February 17, 1994, in Los Angeles, California, as one of 5 children in the star family of Ice Cube and Kimberly Woodruff: O’Shea Jr., Darrell, Shareef, and Deja.

Karima’s father Ice Cube is a graduate of architectural drawing but has always had a penchant for rapping. It is known that he wrote down his rap lyrics during his keyboard courses at George Washington Preparatory High School. That turned out to be good for him, since we now know him more in music and acting than in architecture.

Karima’s mother Kimberly Woodruff shines both as a celebrity herself and as the wife of a celebrity. The two have been married for over two decades, and she has given her husband extraordinary support and contributed to his successful career and ultimately to her happy home.

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The two met while still at university when Ice Cube admitted that he had been totally in love with her from the very first moment. Kimberly did not return his admiration, however, as she was already in a relationship. Six months later, Ice Cube still showed interest and they met again. Today this second meeting has led to the birth of 5 wonderful children, one of whom, Karima Jackson, is our subject today

Is Karima Jackson Dating or Married? Boyfriend

There are not many details about Karima Jackson’s personal life that are known to the public. For one thing, she is very famous as the daughter of a famous actor and rapper, her mother is also a celebrated model, and she is still the brother of a rapper from the Rebellion. But of course, she has a love life, and here is what we found out about her!

Karima Jackson has a friend who goes by the name of Horatio Joines. He is also a member of Organize Change Incorporated, which was founded by Karima Jackson. The two are very committed to each other, and Joines, in particular, identifies with Karima’s dedication to noble causes.

When Karima was actively involved in the “Clearing of the Forest Cemetery” in Newark in 2016, it was reported that she met with some resistance from the Cemetery Committee, who felt that the money for the cemetery project was insufficient and that she actually had other priorities than cleaning the old cemetery.

Karima got into an argument with a member of the cemetery committee at the cemetery and it was reported that she accused the man of pointing his finger at her and shoving her in the face. Karima then called her friend Horatio Joines and then the police. Joines, however, arrived early and was about to take a picture of the license plate of the board member when he attacked him. There was an argument between the two men, which escalated into a fight, and some were struggling on the ground. The two men charged each other with assault, but the matter has since settled.

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Karima Jackson and Horatio Joines are still together and they are doing well. They are still getting married. Not much is known about Joines, but from the looks of it, he is obviously not a celebrity or has yet to be associated with a celebrity. He is just a fine gentleman who has found his own eyeball in a celebrity family. The two seem ideal for each other, and perhaps one day they will be in the spotlight to stand up for what they have committed themselves to today.

Quick Facts

Karima was born and raised in Los Angeles.

She is the only girl in a family of 4 kids.

Karima’s parents’ are celebrity hip-hop artists and actor Ice Cube and celebrity model, Kimberly Woodruff. But she on her own part is more of an academician than someone more attuned to TV screens and the buzz in social media.

Currently, she works as Research Assistant at Rutgers University Newark. She had her M.A. from Montclair State University.

She worked as a Family Service Specialist in the State of New Jersey for more than 10 years.

Was the founder of Organize Change, Inc where she has been working since 2014.

She has a boyfriend known as Horatio Joines who just like her fiancée is not a celebrity neither is he associated with one for now.