Josh Hutcherson’s Height, Girlfriend And Gay Vibes

Josh Hutcherson’s Height, Girlfriend And Gay Vibes
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Josh Hutcherson is an American actor best known for the leading role of Peeta Mellark in the award-winning and record-breaking film series The Hunger Games. Before that, the actor was a child star with various supporting roles, the most notable of which is his role in the film The Kids are Alright, for which he received critical acclaim.

After various supporting roles, Josh Hutcherson was able to win his place in a leading role alongside the A students Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth in The Hunger Games. The mega-franchise catapulted this child star to fame and made him a houseman and millionaire.

Josh grew up in a small town in Kentucky, the child of Michelle Hutcherson, a Delta Airlines employee, and Chris Hutcherson, an analyst with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The actor had a knack for acting at such a young age and remembers that he loved the entertainment industry from the age of 4. A versatile actor, Josh had landed several commercials and minor television roles before making his big appearances.

Josh Hutcherson Bio

Apart from that, Josh is a keen supporter of the LGBT (lesbian-gay bisexual transsexual) community. He has described his sexuality as “predominantly heterosexual” but does not believe in putting labels on sexuality. His interest and continued support of the LGBT community stems from the fact that he has lost two of his uncles to AIDS.

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Josh’s Height

Josh is constantly referred to as one of the shortest leading men in Hollywood. With a height of 1,7m or 5ft 5in, Josh is below average height. The average height of an American man is 5.9m, so statistically, Josh is far below average. In Hollywood, the average height of men is even higher than that of American men, so Josh is one of the shortest actors.

Josh Hutcherson’s Height, Girlfriend And Gay Vibes

He has stated in interviews that this bothers him. “I’m not a very tall guy… it bothers me a lot”. But the actor has learned to develop a sense of humor around his height. After winning a prize for a best male performance at the MTV Movie Awards 2014, the actor joked that he and model Kate Upton could never work because she was so tall.

However, the actor has nothing to worry about, with a net worth of $1.5 million and a loyal fan base he is doing very well.

Josh Hutcherson’s Girlfriend

There was speculation that Josh was gay, which he put an end to by describing himself as “mostly heterosexual”. Josh has met with some of the leading Hollywood ladies who are most notable on this list: Victoria Justice, Vanessa Hudgens, Sophia Bush and the singer Ariana Grande.

Josh Hutcherson’s Height, Girlfriend And Gay Vibes

The lady’s husband, however, has been captivated by the Spanish actress Claudia Traisac for several years. Although Josh does not speak very loudly about his private life, he has opened up a little about his relationship and said: “Distance is hard, but we can make it work”. He also raved about their romance and said that what they have is pretty good. However, the couple was photographed on the street by paparazzi who put on their PDA, so it’s safe to say that they are very much in love with each other.

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Josh Hutcherson’s Gay Vibes

Although Josh is not gay, he is often associated with LGBT communities because of the tremendous support he gives them. However, he is open about his sexuality and does not shy away from being considered gay. The actor has publicly stated that he has some male crushes. He performs his “gay crush” as Lenny Kravitz and others like Ryan Gosling and co-star Liam Hemsworth.

Josh Hutcherson’s Height, Girlfriend And Gay Vibes

More seriously, Josh’s connection to the gay community stems from his membership and strong support in the gay-hetero alliance group “Straight But Not Narrow”. Josh has stated that his interest stems from his gay uncles who both died of AIDS. He is co-founder of “Straight But Not Narrow”, an organization that trains young adults in how to ally with the LGBT community. The purpose of the organization is to support LGBT colleagues and provide them with a haven.

“There’s so much to do. It’s not even just about legislation. It starts with making it legally acceptable, but socially there are so many prejudices and biases that are built into our culture and will be there for a while. I hope that one day in my life we can close the door on this group, but there is so much more to do,” says Josh about his organization – Straight but not Narrow.