Jessie Blodgett Bio & Age: Daniel Bartelt was arrested and charged with murder

Jessie Blodgett Bio & Age: Daniel Bartelt was arrested and charged with murder
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Jessie Blodgett Bio & Age: Daniel Bartelt was arrested and charged with murder: A man who didn’t finish college was sentenced to life in prison after he raped and used a rope to strangle a young woman who wanted to be an actress.

Jessie Blodgett passed away and many people want to learn about her on the Internet. A man named Daniel Bartelt went into her Wisconsin home and did very bad things to her. He tied her up hurt her and used a climbing rope to strangle her.

The mother of the young woman who wanted to be an actress was very scared and sad when she saw her daughter’s body lying on the bed. In August a group of people called a “jury” decided that Bartelt was responsible for killing her on purpose and said he was guilty of a very serious crime called “first-degree intentional homicide.”

A man who is 20 years old will spend his whole life in prison with no chance of getting out. He knew Jessie Blodgett from before but they weren’t close. He dropped out of the University of Wisconsin.

Jessie Blodgett Bio & Age

There isn’t any information about Jessie Blodgett on Wikipedia yet. She was very young only 19 years old when she passed away.

Jessie started a music program in Hartford Wisconsin where she taught kids how to play the violin sing and play the piano. Her classes were very popular and in just two months she had 26 students signed up to learn from her.

Jessie wanted to make a big difference in the world, especially for young people. She had a dream of leading a choir at a high school or university for 40 years and using music to help 100 young people every year.

A man who didn’t finish college and is 20 years old was sent to live in jail forever without any chance of getting out. He used a climbing rope to hurt and kill a young woman who wanted to be an actress and it was very wrong.

Late at night when most people were sleeping Jessie Blodgett came home from a party where she performed in a play called “Fiddler on the Roof.” While she was sleeping a man named Daniel Bartelt from Washington County Wisconsin sneaked into her bedroom.

While Jessie was sleeping a man who knew her from high school Daniel Bartelt hurt her very badly. He did some terrible things like tying her up and hurting her in a sexual way. He used a climbing rope to choke her and she died because of it.

Later on the same day, Jessie’s mom found her daughter’s body and it was very scary and sad. Jessie had marks on her neck and arm from something tied around them and the doctor who looked at her body said she died because someone strangled her.

Daniel Bartelt Jessie Blodgett’s boyfriend was taken into custody and accused of murder.

On July 31st a 19-year-old man named Daniel Bartelt from Hubertus was accused of doing something that caused Jessie Blodgett to die.

Bartelt is being blamed for doing four very serious crimes including the most serious one of all which is called first-degree intentional homicide. This means he is accused of intentionally killing Jessie Blodgett. Bartelt is also accused of three more things that he supposedly did on July 12th at Richfield Park.

The three things that Bartelt is accused of are very serious: trying to hurt someone really badly putting someone in a place they can’t leave and doing something that could have hurt someone else.

On a Monday in July, Jessie Blodgett who was only 19 years old and had just finished performing in Fiddler on the Roof was found dead in her home.

After a performance of Fiddler on the Roof Jessie Blodgett 19 went to a party with the cast. Her mom remembers her coming home around 1:00 am on Monday according to a search warrant.

A paper called a search warrant says that Jessie’s mother saw her sleeping in her bed when she put clothes in her room at 8 in the morning. But her mother didn’t realize something was wrong. Later when her mother came back from work she found out that Jessie had passed away.

What were the Charges Against Him?

The complaint mentioned that someone searched for a “list of serial killers by the number of victims” and “serial killer wiki” on the Internet. They found a webpage that explained what a serial killer is. The definition says a serial killer is someone who kills two or more people in separate events over time mostly because of psychological reasons.

The complaint said that the list showed how many people some serial killers have killed from the 1900s to now. It also said that other names of serial killers were searched for. The Medical Examiner is doing tests to find out what caused the person’s death. But it may take over a month to get the results.

Right now Bartelt might go to jail for the rest of his life. He has to pay $750000 to get out of jail while he waits for his trial. They also want to check if he’s able to understand what’s happening in court. The next time they will talk about his case is on September 4th.