Is Wallis Day Pregnant? Boyfriend George King And Relationship Timeline

Is Wallis Day Pregnant? Boyfriend George King And Relationship Timeline: George King, Wallis Day’s boyfriend, has been seen accompanying her to different events.

Wallis Day is a British actor who has recently made a name for herself in Hollywood. She is best recognised for her roles in popular television shows like Krypton and Batwoman.

However, Wallis Day has recently found herself in the spotlight for causes unrelated to her acting career. Rumours have circulated that she is expecting a child with her partner, George King.

Is Wallis Day Pregnant?

She does not appear to be expecting. The pregnancy rumour first emerged in early 2022, when fans noticed Wallis Day had a slightly fuller figure than usual. This fueled rumours that she was pregnant.

The rumours were fueled further by a series of Instagram photos in which Wallis Day was seen wearing baggy clothing, which some fans mistook for her attempting to conceal her growing belly.

Wallis Day initially declined to remark on the pregnancy rumours. However, as the rumours persisted, Wallis Day went to Instagram to address them directly.

Is Wallis Day Pregnant? Boyfriend George King And Relationship Timeline

She noted in a post published in May 2022,

“To all the people commenting on my weight and speculating about my personal life, please know that your words have real-world consequences. You have no idea what someone might be going through, or what they might be dealing with in private. Please think before you speak.”

Despite this statement, the rumours have not stopped. Some admirers believe Wallis Day’s continued use of baggy clothing is evidence that she is concealing a baby bump.

Others have noted that she has been more active on social media than normal in recent months, implying that she is attempting to divert attention away from the pregnancy rumours.

Boyfriend George King And Relationship Timeline

Since 2019, Wallis Day has been dating George King. Other than the fact that he is a musician and composer, little is known about King. The couple has kept their relationship reasonably private, only occasionally posting photos of themselves on social media.

They have been seen out and about together on several occasions, however, causing fans to believe that they are serious about each other.

The couple’s relationship was first made public in August 2019, when the couple visited the premiere of the film Joker together. They were seen strolling the red carpet and posing for pictures.

Is Wallis Day Pregnant? Boyfriend George King And Relationship Timeline

Wallis Day and George King were spotted out and about together in different locations over the next few months, including Los Angeles and London. They were seen holding hands and giggling together, and they appeared to be having a good time.

Wallis Day and George King made a romantic trip to Paris in March 2020. They posted pictures of their journey to social media. They also shared pictures of themselves, with one of the captions referring to King as her boyfriend.

Since then, Wallis Day and George King have largely kept their partnership private. They have been seen together at events on occasion, but have not posted many photos of each other on social media.

Some fans have speculated that they are attempting to keep their romance private.

Finally, rumours about Day’s pregnancy have been circulating for months, but neither she nor her husband, George King, have verified or denied them. Some fans are convinced she is pregnant, while others think the rumours are false.

Whatever the reality is, Wallis Day and George King clearly have a strong relationship that they prefer to keep private.